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Forsyth County planning board denies 200-lot north Forsyth subdivision
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The Forsyth County planning board held a public meeting on Tuesday, April 26 for applications discussed at its Tuesday, April 18 work session.


Board denies 200-lot north Forsyth subdivision


* WHAT: Settingdown Properties LLC requested to build a 199-lot subdivision on 163.4 acres currently zoned agriculture district (A1) for a density of about 1.1 units per acre with a single-family community residential district (CR2).

* WHERE: Off Dr. Bramblett Road, next to Settingdown Creek in north Forsyth.

* COMMENTS: At last week’s work session, the board was split down the middle on what to do with the application. This Tuesday, District 1’s Rusty Whitlow originally made a motion to postpone the application, meaning it would go straight to the Board of Commissioners with no recommendation from the planning board. District 2’s Stacy Guy, District 5’s Tim Dineen and District 3’s Patrick Britt opposed the motion, with Guy saying he “did not take this position to not make a recommendation.”

A second motion by Whitlow to send the application to the BOC with a recommendation of approval also failed, with Guy, Dineen and Britt opposed.

* VOTE: 5-0 to deny.


Landfill gas refinery plant decision postponed


* WHAT: Clean Eagle RNG LLC wants to rezone 10.4 acres from A1 to restricted industrial district (M1) with a conditional use permit (CUP) for a proposed gas refinery plant totaling 15,730 square feet with five parking spaces.

The company captures gases emitted by landfills from the decomposition of waste and converts gases like methane and carbon dioxide into “desirable” natural gas that is sold to Atlanta Gas Light for use. Currently, the gases emitted from the landfill are burnt off, producing a foul smell.

* WHERE: On north Forsyth’s Eagle Point Landfill just east of Old Federal Road.

* COMMENTS: Planning members initially liked the idea, but residents voiced their anger over the landfill’s imminent expansion at the public hearing, despite the fact that Clean Eagle is a separate entity from the landfill and Forsyth County’s government had no say in the expansion — it was purely a state decision.

Hearing residents’ frustration, the planning board chose to postpone the application so Clean Eagle’s developer could meet with residents and explain the process of gas refinery and help them understand the intent of the plant.

* VOTE: 5-0 to postpone until the May 23 public hearing for a decision-only vote.


North Forsyth cell tower draws no opposition


* WHAT: Verizon Wireless LLC requested a 190-foot cell tower on 0.1 acres of a 13-acre parcel currently zoned commercial business district (CBD).

* WHERE: Off Holtzclaw Road in north Forsyth, east of Ga. 400.

* COMMENTS: No one spoke in opposition to the cell tower, though one resident urged Verizon to fix other towers so north Forsyth residents can receive better service. Dineen questioned the health effects of the tower, though Verizon’s attorney, Andrew Rotenstreich, provided paperwork from various entities stating scientists have found no adverse health effects related to cell towers similar to this application.

* VOTE: 5-0 to approve.


113-lot north Forsyth neighborhood postponed


* WHAT: Apex Land Company LLC wants to rezone 66.4 acres from A1 and single-family residential restricted district (R2R) to a single-family residential Res-3 district for 113 lots with a density of 1.7 units per acre.

* WHERE: Just south of Hurt Bridge Road and north of Canton Highway (Hwy. 20).

* VOTE: The applicant asked to postpone the public hearing and vote to the May 23 meeting. The application was out of time on the 100-day limit for the planning board to make a decision, but since the applicant was the one who requested the postponement, it can be held until next month.

The planning board makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, which has final say on rezoning requests. Applications voted on Tuesday are scheduled to be heard by the BOC on May 18.