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Issues about roads, curves aired at Forsyth County planning board meeting
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The Forsyth County planning board met on Tuesday to discuss several rezoning applications. No action was taken.

There will be a public hearing for the applications on Tuesday, Oct. 25, during which the board is expected to vote on a recommendation to make to the Board of Commissioners, who have final say on zoning matters.


Road causes confusion on west Forsyth application


WHAT: 4087 Post Sosebee LLC is seeking to rezone about 22 acres from an agricultural district, or A1, to a single family residential Res-3 district for 32 residential lots with a density of 1.44 units per acre.

WHERE: On Hyde Road, west of Post Road in west Forsyth. It is north of the intersection with Drew Campground Road.

PLANNING STAFF: Supportive. Staff was previously non-supportive due to a road that would cut through the property, but they changed their minds.

CONCERNS: It is unclear whether a road would still run through the property. Though it is still listed in the concept plan, there had previously been discussion about conditioning it out. Planning board members, staff and Post Sosebee’s attorney were unclear about the status of the road. “The issue has caused great confusion in the neighborhood,” District 5 board member Robert Hoyt said.


122-lot neighborhood requested near Cumming


WHAT: William McBrayer is seeking to rezone about 69 acres from A1 and a single family residential R1 district to a single family community residential district, or CR2, for 122 residential lots with a density of 1.76 units per acre.

WHERE: On the north side of Mountain Road by the intersection with Dahlonega Highway (Hwy. 9) near Cumming.

PLANNING STAFF: Supportive. Previously non-supportive due to a lack of a viable common area, but the concept plan changed to quell concerns.

CONCERNS: Board members wondered if CR2 is the right zoning request for the property, given they said they would like larger lot sizes. “I understand the total zoning would be CR2, but the applicant is willing to increase some lot sizes on the west side of Mountain Road,” said Rusty Whitlow, District 1 board member. The board, he said, could condition bigger lot sizes to reflect a Res-2 or Res-1 zoning. Hoyt said he was concerned about a sharp curve near the area and said the developer should straighten it out.


Lot size concerns neighbors in north Forsyth


WHAT: The estate of Mark Heard Jr. is seeking to rezone about 33 acres from A1 to a CR2 for 62 residential lots with a density of 1.87 units per acre.

WHERE: On the west side of Karr Road, north of the intersection with John Burruss Road to the north of Cumming.


CONCERNS: Whitlow suggested conditioning larger lot sizes to address concerns from neighbors that the density is too intense for the area. He said he was also concerned about a “real sharp curve” north of the property on Karr Road.