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Library staff wont get paid for four holidays
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Forsyth County News


* Libraries will open, close later.

Forsyth County library workers will not get paid for four holidays next year under a plan approved Monday night.

Anna Lyle, assistant director of support services, told the Forsyth County Library Board the measure could save about $36,000 during the economic downturn.

The measure will make a substantial dent in the budget deficit, which is projected at between $30,000 and $70,000.

Lyle said the holiday cuts were the “least painful of the options.”

Staff was notified months ago about the holiday change. Because days are spread across five months, Lyle said “there shouldn’t be any horrible impact on any one person.”

“I think if this is the worst that we have to do, we’re in pretty good shape,” she said.

In approving the plan, board members noted the decision can always be undone if the funding were to come through. It is temporary and has not become a policy adjustment.

To reach an 8 percent reduction from last year’s budget, the board OK’d other adjustments Monday, including $8,407 resulting from a reduction in a state materials grant.

Board member Mary Helen McGruder said she wasn’t pleased with the reductions, but “the budget is what it is.”