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Network approved for emergency suppliers
Vendors would help in times of crisis
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Forsyth County News


Forsyth County government has taken a step to help prepare for emergencies with the recent decision to establish an emergency supplier network.

According to a report from the county, the network will include vendors offering a service or goods that may be needed by a government agency during a time of a declared emergency.

“We welcome any business that believes it would be able to help Forsyth County in times of emergency to participate,” said Donna Kukarola, county procurement director.

Jodi Gardner, county spokeswoman, said needed commodities range from fuel to generators to sandbags to tools.

“While we are hopeful this network will have to be utilized rarely, if ever, it is being established as a proactive measure to enhance the county’s preparedness for emergency situations,” Gardner said.

According to the report, the network is expected to streamline recovery efforts.

In the event that a state of emergency is declared, companies on the network list will be expected to mobilize to meet the county’s needs while maintaining reasonable prices for goods and services.

More information is available on the purchasing department’s Web page at