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Planning board approves north Forsyth neighborhood
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100-plus lot subdivision approved in north Forsyth

WHAT: 4087 Post Sosebee LLC requested to rezone about 72 acres from an agricultural district, or A1, to a single family community residential district, or CR2, to build 136 residential lots with a density of 1.90 units per acre.

WHERE: Off Holbrook Road, west of Dr. Bramblett Road north of Cumming.

DISCUSSION: Neighbors expressed concern about a road that was to cut through the property, which would have created a “hammerhead” on Holbrook Road that they said would be unsafe for drivers. District 1 planning commissioner Rusty Whitlow, whose district the application falls in, removed the proposed road from the plan and added conditions to the application. Residents gave Whitlow thumbs ups from the audience.


Five lots spark flooding concern


WHAT: Novin Construction LLC asked to rezone 2.45 acres from A1 to a single family residential Res-3 district to create five lots at a density of 2.04 units per acre.

WHERE: At the south corner of the intersection of Caney Road and Christopher Robin Road, west of Peachtree Parkway (Hwy. 141) in south Forsyth.

DISCUSSION: A potential underground springs on the property that has caused flooding and road closures in the past was brought up by neighbors at the public hearing. The applicant’s attorney, Emory Lipscomb, said the county’s environmental specialist inspected the property and deemed it to have no state waters or floodplains. Chairwoman Jayne Iglesias, whose District 2 the application falls in, conditioned the applicant to build no more than four homes on the property.

VOTE: 3-2 in favor, with District 5 planning commissioner Robert Hoyt and District 3 commissioner Patrick Britt opposed.


Farmer worried about livestock turning into petting zoo


WHAT: The estate of Mark Heard Jr. is seeking to rezone about 33 acres from A1 to a CR2 for 62 residential lots with a density of 1.87 units per acre.

WHERE: On the west side of Karr Road, north of the intersection with John Burruss Road to the north of Cumming.

DISCUSSION: Local farmer Bud Adams said he was concerned the proposed subdivision would harm his livestock operation, citing recent instances in which people driving past his farm have stopped their cars in his driveway to take photos of and pet his sheep. Adams requested a buffer and a fence be put in and that the development owner give prospective homeowners notice that there is to be no petting or interaction with Adams’ animals. Whitlow, whose district the application falls in, also conditioned that the developer sit down with Adams and other concerned farmers before the Board of Commissioners meeting.


Golf course rezoning denied


WHAT: Lennar Georgia Inc. wants to rezone about 4 acres from A1 to master planned district, or MPD. The application is associated with the total development of 320 residential lots on 167 acres.

WHERE: Lanier Golf Club in east Forsyth.

DISCUSSION: The entire project calls for 226 townhouses and 94 detached homes. Current covenants for properties on or near the golf course proved an issue, and residents opposed the 320-lot development plan.

VOTE: 3-2 opposed, with District 1 planning commissioner Rusty Whitlow and District 4 commissioner Bettina Hammond in favor.


*All applications were unanimously recommended for approval unless otherwise noted. The planning board serves as a recommending body for the Board of Commissioners, who have final say on rezoning and land use applications.