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Responses filed in community flap
County, group seek dismissal, legal fees
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Forsyth County News

In their responses to a lawsuit by neighbors, Forsyth County and Bridgepoint Community Networks defend the conditional use permit awarded this fall for a faith-based community center.

According to the responses, the county contends the permit decision was handled lawfully. Both it and Bridgepoint request dismissal and attorney fees.

The Crystal Cove Shores’ complaint, filed in Forsyth County Superior Court, questions the county commission’s ruling for Bridgepoint in September.

Bridgepoint plans to build a 2,000-square-foot facility on a half-acre lot at Crystal Cove and Thunder trails in the northeastern Forsyth subdivision.

The county’s response, filed earlier this month, states the "complaint should be dismissed because no act or omission on the part of Forsyth County has resulted in any violation of law or injury to plaintiffs."

It also denies allegations the county violated the state open meetings act by not providing proper notice prior to the public hearing before the planning board and not maintaining required signage on the property.

"All notices for the subject planning commission meeting required under the open meetings act were properly posted in conformance [with the law]," according to the response.

Also named as a defendant in the neighbor’s suit was Bridgepoint.

According to its response, "The plaintiffs … have been stubbornly litigious, have acted in bad faith and have caused Bridgepoint unnecessary trouble and expense."

Bridgepoint also names an adjacent property owner in a counterclaim.

A fence and other plantings had been installed on Bridgepoint’s side of the property line, the document states, and the owner has refused to remove them.