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Route altered for path linking park, greenway in northwest Forsyth

NORTHWEST FORSYTH — A future pedestrian path connecting a popular northwest Forsyth park with a trail system has been updated to avoid a neighborhood.

During a recent work session, county commissioners voted 5-0 to modify a proposed route on the county’s bicycle and pedestrian plan.

John Cunard, the county’s engineering director, explained the situation prior to the vote.

“The county developed the first bike-ped plan in 2002 and in that plan was a project called Pooles Mill Link … it was project that would provide connectivity from Pooles Mill Park to the Etowah Greenway,” said.

“The project, conceptually, shows it going up Pooles Mill Park up to Pooles Mill Road, then it showed going through a subdivision to the Etowah greenway.”

Instead of passing through the Saddle Trail neighborhood, it appears the new route will still follow Pooles Mill Road but go east on Matt Highway (Hwy. 369).

According to Cunard, the proposed route does not have a source of funding and has not been designed. He said the county will first get input from residents.

“Any time we have a project like this, once the conceptual routes are laid out, if there are alternates, then we have public information meetings and the public gives input and the board will make a decision on the final route and the designing,” Cunard said. “That will come sometime in the future.”

Though first developed 14 years ago, Cunard said the link was part of updates to the bicycle pedestrian plan in 2008 and 2015.