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Speed tables, grant application approved at quick city council meeting
City Hall

It seemed like city of Cumming leaders were ready to get on to the Cumming Country Fair & Festival, as the Cumming City Council held a very quick regular meeting on Tuesday evening.

In a meeting lasting only about five minutes, Mayor Troy Brumbalow and members of the city council approved applying for a grant for walking trails at the upcoming Cumming City Center and moved ahead with adding new speed tables along Pine Lake Drive.

“We would like to submit an application for a grant to the Department of Natural Resources for recreational trails that would be at the city center,” said City Administrator Phil Higgins. “To do that, we need to pass this resolution just certifying that the city has the funds to pay for the project and that we realize we have to apply for it upfront and apply for reimbursement of up to 80% of the eligible costs of all the trails in the city center.”

The funding will go toward trails on the city center site, as well as a 14-acre parcel across Hwy. 20.

Higgins said the speed tables are needed as the road is commonly used as a cut-through as the area has grown.

“As you know, this is a residential neighborhood,” Higgins said. “It’s not uncommon for drivers in this area to drive well past exceeding the posted speed limit, which is 25 mph.”

Brumbalow said he’s seen drivers going “easily 50, 60 mph” and running stop signs along the roadway.

Two speed tables will be placed on the road and the total cost of the project is about $11,000.