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Stream restoration project recognized
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s first stream restoration project was recently awarded the 2012 Outstanding New Initiative Grand Award by the Georgia Urban Forest Council.

The stream restoration project, which is inside Forsyth County’s Midway Park off Post Road, was recognized during an awards ceremony last month.

John Cunard, the county’s engineering director, said in a statement that officials were “certainly proud this stream restoration project has received recognition.”

“A lot of planning and hard work went into making this project a success,” he said. “The restoration project allowed us to make important progress in terms of water quality and also create a space that will serve as an educational tool for the community about watersheds and water quality.”

The stream is on a tributary of Cheatham Creek in the Big Creek watershed.

The project was designed to improve overall downstream watershed conditions by stabilizing and restoring about 1,000 feet of degraded stream bank, using natural channel design methods.

The objectives included: reducing bed and bank erosion and sedimentation; improving channel stability, water quality, habitat and overall function of the stream; and restoring, enhancing and protecting wildlife corridors.

The county celebrated the finished project with a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 7.

The effort was supported by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant administered by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.