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VFW alcohol license renewal cost donated by commissioner
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A run-of-the-mill alcohol license renewal for a local veterans group ended with one Forsyth County commissioner pledging to reimburse the cost.

On Thursday, Forsyth County commissioners voted 5-0 to change the alcohol license holder for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9143 to Quartermaster William Stradtner, and Chairman Pete Amos said he would donate $350 to the group — the cost to change the license.

Prior to the approval, VFW member Chester Kramarski told commissioners the money used for the renewal could be put to other purposes.

“What we’re looking for is a saving of some dollars, so we can use that money to help the veterans and the veterans’ family,” he said. “You know, $350 can go a long way to pay somebody’s grocery bill, electric bill, whatever it may be.”

The change in licensee was necessary due to recent changes at the VFW.

“Every year we go through and change officers out,” Stradtner said. “This year our previous quartermaster retired, and I’ve been appointed quartermaster. As part of the process I have to change over the licenses.”

He said the quartermaster serves the group in a similar way to that of a chief financial officer, and having the license in his name will make other processes easier.

Tom Brown, director of planning and community development for the county, said the fee is to offset costs for fingerprinting and background checks and that the VFW has the only nonprofit alcohol license he is aware of in the county.

VFW Post 9143 is located at 1045 Dahlonega Highway.