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Vote delayed on Crystal Cove center
New details surface hours before meeting
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Also at their meeting Thursday, Forsyth County commissioners:

• Approved a conditional use permit for Cumming Healthcare Group, which plans to develop an independent living, skilled nursing and senior housing facility on Freedom Parkway in north Forsyth.

• Adopted a resolution dissolving the Forsyth County Hospital Authority, which no longer has any facilities to oversee. The authority also had no obligations or debts to resolve.

• Suspended for 10 days the alcohol license for Ducktown Food Market following an administrative hearing for a second underage sale violation. The suspension will begin Monday.

• Ordered a seven-day suspension of the alcohol license for El Porton Mexican Restaurant for a technical violation that occurred when an employee served alcohol without a permit.

The establishment also had an underage sales violation in 2010. Commissioners voted 3-2, with Bell and Tam opposed, for the sanction.

Note: All votes were 5-0 unless otherwise noted.

— Alyssa LaRenzie

In light of what was described as some new information, Forsyth County commissioners on Thursday postponed a decision on a controversial youth community center.

Commissioner Patrick Bell, whose district includes the Crystal Cove Shores subdivision, said he had received a packet of conflicting information in the mail just hours before the meeting.

Bridgepoint Community Networks has asked for a conditional use permit to operate a faith-based, nonprofit club or lodge for youth in the northeast Forsyth neighborhood.

Plans call for a 2,000-square-foot facility on a half-acre lot at Crystal Cove and Thunder trails.

On Friday, Bell explained the packet he received contained a map of the neighborhood, with highlight marks on each household opposed to the plan.

The marks, he said, didn’t match with previous information he’d received from people on both sides of the issue.

Who’s for and against it, he said, is not his primary concern.

“The zoning act doesn’t give us the ability to make a decision based on like or dislike,” Bell said. “What it does tell me is: If that information is incorrect, could some of the other information be incorrect?”

The board voted 4-0 to postpone the vote to its Sept. 1 meeting.

Commissioner Pete Amos, who owns property in the neighborhood, recused himself.

Despite the postponement, opponents at the meeting took the opportunity to lay out their concerns.

Speakers addressed several safety issues, including lack of sidewalks, more traffic, nighttime gatherings and the possibility of attracting crime.

Residents also said their property values could be affected, as well as neighborhood aesthetics.