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Water scare ends in north Forsyth
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Forsyth County News
The boil water advisory issued for much of north Forsyth on Saturday was just a precaution, officials said. The water was and is safe to drink.

Tim Perkins, Forsyth County’s director of water and sewer, said Monday that tests had “confirmed that there’s no signs of any bacteria.”

“That would include the entire time [of the advisory],” he said.

While the county water department didn’t believe any contamination had occurred, the measure was taken to ensure residents’ safety, Perkins said.

“If there had been any belief that there had been a contamination, we always have the reverse 911,” he said.

The system allows the county to alert residents by phone. In an emergency, Perkins said, the county would also have contacted local news media.

The county did issue an advisory, which ended at 11:45 p.m. Sunday, through its Web site on Saturday.

Many residents noticed something unusual Saturday morning when the water pressure became low or nonexistent.

Perkins said the department received many phone calls during that time.

County spokeswoman Jodi Gardner said the line that serves much of north Forsyth had been shut down for repairs after a contractor struck it Friday.

“During that time, it’s my understanding that demand was too high and with that line being shut down, that’s when customers began experiencing low water pressure,” Gardner said.

A drop in pressure can possibly cause backwash from customers’ homes or businesses, which could lead to contaminants in the water, Perkins said.

“Out of safety, we decided to issue the advisory,” he said.