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Water treatment plant needs repairs
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Forsyth County News


Forsyth County commissioners on Tuesday authorized the water and sewer department to hire a contractor for emergency repairs at the Antioch Water Treatment Plant.


One of the facility’s four filter drains failed. The estimated cost of the project is $124,000.



Also Tuesday, the commission:



• Proposed changes to the county alcohol ordinance be prepared for public hearings. The changes could separate technical and underage violations, as well as allow for mitigating evidence to factor in underage sales cases. The latter issue led to a tie at the last work session, which Commissioner Todd Levent broke Tuesday in the 3-2 vote.



• Decided to hold public hearings on possible changes to the alcohol code that would allow for the sale of growlers, or 64-ounce refillable beer containers. No dates have been set.



• Agreed to send letters to the state supporting Advanced Disposal’s request for a horizontal expansion of the Eagle Point Landfill, provided staff’s preliminary analysis is accurate. Approval had previously been postponed to ensure use of the property as a landfill would not be increased past original limits. Review of a 1993 map showed an expansion was listed when the permit was granted, though more study will be needed to confirm that.



• Made some changes to the county’s employee benefits policies for 2012. A tobacco surcharge was implemented, and a spousal surcharge was also added, which would require spouses of county employees who have insurance offered through their own employer to pay an additional fee to be covered under the county’s policy. The life insurance and disability provider was changed from Lincoln to Unum. Other changes to medical and vision plans were also approved.



• Gave the Historical Society of Forsyth County the go-ahead to conduct an archeological study of the Eagles Beak property. The site in northwest Forsyth may have been the home of a temporary fort on the Trail of Tears.



Note: All votes were 5-0 unless otherwise noted.