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Local retailers preparing for small business Saturday

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the Christmas shopping season has officially started, and local businesses will get their own special day to go along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some Forsyth County businesses will participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend, a push to support locally owned stores.

“It really helps the local economy because sales tax dollars stay here, so you’re supporting the roads here in our area, our schools,” said Cris Willis, owner of Parson’s Gifts. “You’re providing jobs through the small businesses, and small business is such an important part of our community.”

For some businesses, both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are a chance for stores to get their name out to the public.
Hannah Peckett - marketing coordinator with NLB Furniture, a store connected to the recovery and regeneration program No Longer Bound - said the days help the store and community get to know each other.

“As a small business, we’re not always the target on Black Friday, people are going to Target and Walmart and Macy’s,” she said. “From the relational side, it’s fun to have people come out after they’ve done some of their other shopping, browse and get connected with our story.”

In addition to being locally owned and offering hand crafted furniture by men in the program, the store also carries products made by locals.

“We carry several local vendors: jewelry, signs, some homemade string art,” Peckett said. “Getting to showcase that and represent what even the men in our program do, it’s so much more valuable than something factory produced; it’s something that people have put their heart and soul into.”

Willis said Parson’s would be offering special deals on Saturday and felt supporting local business also had a more personal touch than shopping online.

“We’re always serving food,” she said. “Everybody loves to come into the Christmas shop to feel the magic of Christmas, and you just don’t feel that when you’re at home sitting in front of your computer shopping online.”