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Meet the two mothers who opened an online boutique, Pieces and Peaches
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Stay-at-home mothers Christine Fowler and Leslie Lomax made their love for fashion into a business: Pieces and Peaches.

By Alyssa Freyman

For the Forsyth County News

Stay-at-home mothers Christine Fowler an dLeslie Lomax made their love for fashion into a business: Pieces and Peaches.

In March, they started to sell pieces from various vendors across the country on Facebook instead of the traditional physical shop, recognizing the recent trend towards online shopping and e-commerce.

Fowler and Lomax realized the need for an online shop through their own experiences. As mothers, they found it hard to find the time to go out and shop for clothes and jewelry.

“We were just trying to think of a way that would be easy for customers to shop boutiques that have busy schedules and can’t get out and go to all of the little boutiques and stores,” Fowler said. “We wanted to bring the boutiques to them.”

Lomax and Fowler host Facebook Live sessions at 8 p.m. eastern time every Thursday during the summer. They sometimes will have their customers model their product so that others can get an idea of which size is best for them. Customers can also make appointments to stop by their house.

“We do a lot of fit videos,” said Lomax. “So, I’ll show this outfit that I’m wearing, and I’ll talk about how it fits and how tall I am. I think … that helps people too. We have models of various ‘sexy sizes.’ We do carry extra small to extra sexy, we like to call it, so that everyone has an opportunity to purchase these cute clothes.”

Before even opening the boutique, the two ladies tested out the products that they were planning on selling to test their quality.

Since opening in March, the boutique has only risen in popularity and is close to reaching 1,000 followers.

“We feel like so far, we’ve steadily grown every month, with our members, with our outreach,” Lomax said. “Initially, we had customers from Georgia and Missouri. Now we’re in Las Vegas, Nevada, California, we even have Arkansas. It’s just been so interesting. We’ve just got people from all around. With the Facebook Live, it becomes a little family. It’s a lot of the same people that get on each week, and they’ve become friends, like a network of people.”

Fowler and Lomax also only have about two of each size for a clothing piece to keep originality.

“We don’t buy 100 of one thing,” said Fowler. “You don’t want to dress the same as the person next to you. So you can be trendy and cute and without anybody else dressing the same as you.”

Fowler and Lomas say one of the most popular things they offer is a Peach Box, a monthly subscription to get a selection of trendy pieces in the mail for $50. Fowler and Lomax make sure the clothes are different each month.

“We’re pretty much Amazon Prime,” Lomax said. “We ship stuff out the next day. It’s a really awesome experience that people can sit and have their soda or wine and shop, and then two days later their products have arrived. The other really cool thing is you don’t necessarily have to be on [Facebook] Live. You can shop anytime.”

While they are savvy businesswomen, they are also mothers first. Fowler has two children, and Lomax has seven children, three of whom she adopted.

“We, as a family, it’s important to us to just be able to love on people and meet people,” said Lomax. “And that’s the way Christina is too. And I think that’s one of the things that we enjoyed about opening our boutique, was just the opportunity to meet so many different families and just kind of create that unique boutique experience.

“We literally know every one of our customers that we have. We take the time to get to know them, take the time to know their sizes. It’s a small, loving, inviting environment for people, and I just think that’s a very unique opportunity.”