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Pink goo spills along Bald Ridge
Cleanup efforts under way
The Forsyth County Fire Departments hazardous materials unit was called Wednesday afternoon to Bald Ridge Marina Road after a substance known as Adhesin spilled from a 55-gallon drum in this tractor trailer. - photo by Jim Dean


Public safety personnel found themselves in a sticky, if not colorful, situation Wednesday afternoon when they responded to a spill on Bald Ridge Marina Road.

Forsyth County Fire Capt. Jason Shivers said the department’s hazardous materials unit was called out about 3 p.m. to handle a substance known as Adhesin, which had spilled from a 55-gallon drum in a tractor trailer.

Shivers said the unit worked to contain the neon pink goo, which is non-toxic, until a private company could come and clean it up. 

It was not immediately clear how the spill, which stretched along Bald Ridge between Market Place Boulevard and Ga. 400 north, occurred.

“It’s a book-binding medium,” Shivers said. “But again, it’s not toxic and we’re not expecting any rain throughout the operation, so we’re not concerned with any runoff issues.”

Shivers said westbound traffic was limited to one lane because of the spill.

“At no time was there a danger posed to the motoring public in the area or nearby residents or visitors,” he said.

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