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Recount scheduled for today
Candidates spearated by less than 1 percent
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Forsyth County News

The final tally for two primary races will be recounted today.

Tom Knox and Steve Voshall each submitted an official request for a recount of the July 31 results to the Forsyth County Voter Registrations and Elections, supervisor Barbara Luth said.

Voshall, a Republican candidate for state Senate District 27, fell by a small margin in the initial count to incumbent Jack Murphy. The two were the only partisan candidates.

Murphy received 13,290 votes, or about 50.2 percent. Voshall’s 49.8 percent total equaled about 13,177 votes.

“There was a difference of [113] votes, which is less than 1 percent of the total votes cast, so pursuant to [state law], [they are] requesting to petition our office for a recount,” Luth said during an elections board meeting Monday.

The office also received a request for a recount in the state House District 26 contest from candidate Tom Knox, who drew 55 less votes than Geoff Duncan.

Knox received 4,448 votes, or about 49.7 percent, to Duncan’s 4,503, or about 50.3 percent.

“Because these are totally in our county, that’s why [the candidates] put their requests into us instead of waiting for the state,” Luth said.

The recount will take place beginning at 2 this afternoon in the commissioners meeting room of the Forsyth County Administration Building. The event is open to the public.

Only the precincts in the districts involved in the recount will be tallied again, Luth said.

If the results stand, Duncan and Murphy likely have secured the posts, as no Democrats are running in November’s general election and no independent candidates have emerged.

Also on Monday, the board of voter registrations and elections heard an update on the office’s progress in preparing for the runoff election.

Four races will appear on at least some of the ballots in Forsyth County for the Aug. 21 runoff.

The sheriff and coroner runoffs will be countywide, and Forsyth commission District 4 and U.S. Congressional District 9 will be on ballots for those districts.

Early voting for those races in the county office is expected to start by Friday, Luth said, and the polls will also be open this Saturday. Advance voting will be the following week.

Only those who voted on a Democratic ballot in the primary will be ineligible to vote in the runoff, Luth said, since all the races on the Aug. 21 ballot are Republican.

Anyone who took a nonpartisan ballot or did not vote can still take part in the runoff, she said.