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Sawnee EMC announces new solar program
Sawnee EMC Solar

Sawnee EMC has announced a new program that will soon allow its customers to reap the rewards of solar energy. 

According to a press release by electric company Sawnee EMC, under the new “Virtual Solar” energy program residential and small commercial customers will be able to buy solar energy directly from solar farms in Georgia. 

The release said that, ”Through Sawnee’s Virtual Solar Program, participants will be able to receive the energy benefits and offsets that solar energy offers, without the challenges that often come with owning and operating their own solar system.”

Through the program, Sawnee EMC Members will be able to buy the output of up to 20 “utility scale solar panels,” and will pay about $15.50 to $45 per month for the program, depending on the amount of output desired and pricing for different seasons. 

“There has been a growing interest from our members about the efficient use of solar energy; and many of them say they would prefer to purchase it from the cooperative,” said Sawnee EMC Vice President of Member Services Blake House.  

“Our new Virtual Solar Program gives them the opportunity to purchase solar energy without making the upfront investment of installing a rooftop solar system themselves,” he said. 

The release said that the program is not intended to reduce member’s monthly bill, but rather provide them with an, “easy, affordable and no hassle way for interested members to meet a portion of their monthly electric needs, with the benefits of solar energy.”

For more information visit Sawnee EMC at, call (770) 887-2363 or email