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Sawnee EMC Director awarded at annual meeting
Lamar Sexton

Sawnee EMC Director, Lamar Sexton has been announced as the newest recipient of the 2018 Georgia Cooperative Council’s Distinguished Cooperator Award.

According to a press release from Sawnee EMC, Sexton, a lifelong resident of Forsyth County, was presented the award by Sawnee EMC’s president and CEO Michael Goodroe at Georgia Cooperative Council’s Annual Meeting held in Macon on March 5, 2018.

“Sawnee EMC is honored that Mr. Sexton has been chosen to receive the Georgia Cooperative Council’s Distinguished Cooperator award for 2018. He has dedicated over four decades of service to our cooperative,” Goodroe said in the release.

The release said that Sexton has served on the Sawnee EMC Board of Directors for over 42 years and was, “instrumental in leading the cooperative during periods of extreme growth, and through the great recession.”

“Mr. Sexton is well known in the community for being involved in a host of civic activities, as well as local and state politics; and many elected officials have sought his advice and council throughout the years,” the release said.

Sexton has become one of about 110 individuals that have been recognized with the Georgia Cooperative Council’s Distinguished Cooperator Award since 1989 the release said.

The release also said that the objective of the Georgia Cooperative Council is to, “promote, foster, and encourage all types of cooperative associations throughout the state of Georgia.”