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Sheriffs office asks public for help in returning military items, jewelry
A selection of jewelry and military ribbons and medals found in Oakwood last week. Investigators with the Hall County Sheriffs Office are asking the publics help in finding the owner, or owners, of these pieces. The top medal and ribbon are from the Global War on Terrorism Afghanistan Campaign Medal. The middle ribbons are likely from a Navy officer. The bottom piece is the Army Combat Infantryman Badge presented to infantry or special forces soldiers present under hostile conditions. - photo by For the FCN

OAKWOOD — Investigators with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office are seeking the public’s help to hopefully get some pieces of jewelry back to the rightful owners.

A homeowner on Holiday Heights Drive in Oakwood found the pieces around a week ago while doing yard work, Deputy Chad Mann said. According to Mann, the pieces were placed in a small camouflage bag.

“There were just a number of different pieces of jewelry there,” Mann said. “It ranged from male to female; it had some military trinkets, pins and medals. It also had watches and rings. Just an assortment of this small trinket-type stuff.”

Mann said investigators are exploring all possibilities as to the origins of the jewelry.

“It could belong to more than one person,” Mann said. “There’s a misconception out there that this may all belong to one person, but actually, there are so many different pieces of jewelry and trinkets, they may actually belong to several different people.”

There’s no estimate as to what the value of the pieces may cost; Mann said some may be costume jewelry.

“Somebody’s got to know where some of this came from, and hopefully they’re going to recognize these pieces in particular,” Mann said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Criminal Investigative Division at (770) 531-6879.