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Sole District 2 candidate in south Forsyth pens Trump endorsement
Rick Swope. - photo by FCN file photo

SOUTH FORSYTH -- Rick Swope, the presumptive next District 2 Forsyth County commissioner, penned a letter of support for the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Swope said the division in the Republican Party motivated him to write the endorsement.

“I just don’t understand like some of these guys like [Utah Sen.] Mike Lee or [Speaker of the House] Paul Ryan coming out in opposition … it’s almost as if they’re happy to let Rome burn as long as they can play their own fiddle,” Swope said in an interview on Tuesday. “If I had seen unified support, I probably wouldn’t say a thing.”

Swope, who is the sole candidate for the District 2 Board of Commissioners seat held since 2005 by Brian Tam, wrote the election is about more than just Trump and said later that the Republican platform and Supreme Court nominations are heavy factors.

“Once we get through the primary season, our choice is binary, regardless of what arguments can be crafted to the contrary,” he said. “If somebody chooses to not support a candidate, then it’s [an] implicit vote for the other candidate, so a non-vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.”

In the endorsement, Swope wrote he had not previously given Trump much thought, nor did he consider him “neighbor-of-the-month,” but that he did consider him a patriot, who imagined “winning when compromising is in vogue” and is “unapologetically American.”

After a leaked recording came out over the weekend of comments made by Trump in 2005 that many called degrading to women and tantamount to sexual assault, Swope said his support will not change, even if he disagrees with what the candidate said.

“Of course it bothers me, but we have watched our culture coarsening almost by the day,” he said. “I think the thing that shocks me more than Trump’s tape is liberals have spent decades dismantling every object moral standard for sexual behavior, now they want to claim the role of … virtue.

“If Trump were filming a movie, what he said wouldn’t even garner an R rating. That’s how coarse our culture has become, so listening to people say they’re against it, it’s completely disingenuous.”

The endorsement also draws parallels between the current state of the country and the American Revolution, with the establishment holding the same values as those loyal to the British.

“Most people were indifferent, and we see that today,” he said. “The level of disengagement at all levels of politics, quite frankly, is stunning, but beyond that you had loyalists, who for a variety of reasons were loyal to the crown and many times it was because their personal and business interests aligned with the perpetuation of the colony.”

Patriots, he said, were willing to trade something good for something better, and above all, his support for Trump is tied to his support for conservative goals.

“The platform that was put forth at the Republican Convention this year is arguably the most traditionally conservative platform that I’ve seen in in my lifetime,” Swope said. “So, we’re not just voting for a candidate, we’re voting for an idea. We’re voting for an objective for what we want to see perpetuated in culture.”