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State lawmakers to address GOP
Meeting to cover health care law
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The meeting of the Republican Party of Forsyth County is set for 8 a.m. Saturday at Golden Corral, 2025 Market Place Blvd. in Cumming. It begins with breakfast and the speakers will follow at 8:30 a.m.

With no opposition this fall, two state lawmakers from Forsyth County are looking to the future — both the November election and the next legislative session.

District 23 state Rep. Mark Ham-ilton of Cumming and District 24 state Rep. Mike Dud-geon of south Forsyth are scheduled to speak during the Saturday breakfast meeting of the Republican Party of Forsyth County.

The officials will focus on the upcoming state charter school amendment that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, as well as the impact of President Barack Obama’s health care law on Georgia’s budget.

“We are talking about education and health care and the two most current issues in both,” Dudgeon said. “Both are critical for the vote in November.”

Ethan Underwood, chairman of the local Republican Party, said the meeting will help inform voters about the impact of the upcoming election.

“This election is the last chance to stop Obamacare from going into effect in 2014,” he said. “If President Obama is re-elected, and the Republicans are able to take both the House and the Senate, there still won’t be enough votes to override a presidential veto.”

Underwood is hoping the meeting will energize the party to work toward the election of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from folks who’ve not been as involved,” he said. “Presidential election years always bring out folks and we’re glad to have them and we want them to get involved.”

Hamilton said he’s previously talked about the impact of the president’s health care initiative at events in the county, but was surprised at “how little of the law is actually understood by most citizens and companies.”

Hamilton said the meeting Saturday will let him continue the “educational process that all citizens need to understand.”

“Elections have consequences and unless Obama is defeated and the Republicans take back the Senate so the law can be repealed, this onerous law will have major negative consequences on Georgia citizens and businesses,” Hamilton said.

“This is a major issue that will affect all Georgians and people need to understand the power of elections and their vote can make a big difference.”