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Student arrested for alleged threat at Lambert High School

The Forsyth County Sherriff’s Office has arrested an 18-year-old student from Lambert High School after he allegedly made an unspecified threat against the school.

Zelonka, Joshua Leonard.JPG
Joshua Leonard Zelonka
According to Cpl. Doug Rainwater, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the threat originated on the social media platform Snapchat Monday morning. Authorities were alerted to the situation after another Lambert student overheard a suspicious conversation and notified administrators, he said.

“We responded quickly, we tracked down the person involved and charged them … It was fast,” Rainwater said.

Jennifer Caracciolo, director of communications for Forsyth County Schools said that students were held in their classrooms for a short time, while the school was investigated for threats.

The student, Joshua Leonard Zelonka, has been charged with one misdemeanor charge of disrupting a public school. Zelonka has been booked into the Forsyth County Jail and currently has no bond.

Rainwater said that investigators have been to the Zelonka’s home and have determined that he had no access to weapons and means of carrying out any threat.