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Super shopper sacrifices sleep for deals
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Jesse Whitfield and daughters Julia, center, and Rachael shop Friday at Target. - photo by Autumn Vetter


While many take their day after Thanksgiving shopping seriously, one Forsyth County man reaches unique heights.

Although he’s never actually been called so, Jesse Whitfield could be considered a super Black Friday shopper.

At 11 a.m. Friday he was pursuing electronics at Target on Market Place Boulevard with his daughters, Julia and Rachael.

While that may not seem unusual, the length of time he’d been shopping stood out.

“I’ve been going since midnight last night,” he said. “I’ve been up this whole time, but this is their first store. I shopped all last night and then met them for breakfast and came over here.”

Every year Whitfield said he carefully “plots out” his plan for the day, which officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.

“I look at each store’s starting time, circle all the items I want and then go through and stagger out which time I’m going to be at which store,” he explained. “I never wait in line.”

Whitfield says he tries to hit stores at specific times in order to maximize the deals and savings.

“I hit some of them at midnight, 3 a.m., 4 a.m., 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.,” he said. “I’ve been to 11 stores in Forsyth and north Fulton County today.”

Whitfield said he’s completed his specialized shopping missions every year for the past decade or so.

He’s become somewhat of a legend among friends.

“They look forward to hearing about all the deals I’ve found every year,” he said. “Some of them want me to help them work out a plan for their shopping too.”

As for his wife, Michelle, Whitfield said she likes to sleep while he’s off finding deals.

“She went with me the first time last year, and that was also the last year,” he said.

Whitfield wasn’t sure how much he’s saved over the years, but said it’s probably high.

“One year I spent about $1,000 and I know I got at least $3,500 worth of stuff,” he said. “I go for the big deals. Fifty percent off or greater.”

While it may take time, Whitfield said his habits are worth the effort.

“I like to save money wherever I can,” he said. “It’s definitely worth losing a little sleep.”