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The Place of Forsyth County seeking help for Thanksgiving

FORSYTH COUNTY — Every year, as families sit down to a carved turkey and a table full of festive side dishes, other families cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal.

The Place of Forsyth County tries annually to remedy that situation, having distributed Thanksgiving food boxes to 125 families in the county last year.

“This Thanksgiving, we registered 370 families,” said Ashley Carroll, food program coordinator for the emergency services and food distribution nonprofit.

“With the creation of our client choice food pantry, The Market, we realize the importance of adding fresh foods when possible and just how many families struggle to find extra food.”

Families in need will receive a traditional Thanksgiving box and additional food for the week.

“This year, we are adding a dozen eggs, potatoes and either a ham or turkey,” Carroll said.

The organization still needs hams or funds to help buy the fresh food, which ideally will be a vegetable.

Anyone can make a donation to Thanksgiving boxes online at

For more information, call (770) 887-1098 or email