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Trail for visually impaired to open at Fowler Park
Butterfly gardens also planned
Braile Trail

In the coming month, residents of Forsyth County will have access to several new attractions when visiting Fowler Park, including a specialized trail for the visually impaired provided by the Forsyth County Lions Club and butterfly gardens created by students from Kelly Mill Elementary School.

According to Shaun Wright, spokesman for the Forsyth County Lions Club, the additions will focus on a 250-yard long Braille Trail that will allow the visually impaired to walk along the trail while reading about a variety of different topics from eight Braille signs.

“If you go to Fowler Park, for those who can see, there are a lot of things for them to do … But there are much fewer activities for those who have vision problems or hearing issues … so we just felt it was important since we serve the entire community to make sure that we serve those that have disabilities,” he said.

Wright said the Braille Trail is the first to be constructed in Forsyth County and will have a guide rope along its length leading from sign to sign. Each sign in the new trail will cover topics including the history of Fowler Park, information about the county and facts about monarch butterflies, sensory gardens and the Forsyth County Lions Club.

“Everyone in our club has the opinion that we are blessed, regardless of our circumstance. There are those within the community that may not have the same abilities or capabilities that the vast majority of us may have. They deserve to be supported as well,” Wright said.

In addition to the trail, the new park addition will include two butterfly gardens created by elementary students from Kelly Mill Elementary School.

According to Kelly Mill teacher Laura Fedorchuk, the two gardens were planned and designed by her students to hopefully draw Monarch butterflies to the park.

Fedorchuk said that her students will be planting milkweed, a needed habitat for Monarch butterflies, in the garden in April before the opening of the new gardens and trail.