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Voter turnout high for election
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Forsyth County News


More than half of the county’s registered voters cast a ballot in the General Election this year.

Barbara Luth, Forsyth County elections supervisor, said things went smoothly Tuesday, and that more than 56 percent of the county’s 95,597 registered voters participated.

“We almost hit 60 (percent) but they topped the 50, so that was good,” said Luth, adding that about 20 percent of the 53,613 ballots were cast early, either by mail or through early or advance voting.

She said figuring out election totals took a little while because of votes that came in through the Postal Service.

“That took a while for us to go through them and open them up,” Luth said.

The elections office also had a number of votes cast through the Uniform and Overseas Voters Act to count. Luth explained that the act allows those who are overseas or in the military to download a ballot off the Secretary of State’s Web site and mail it back.

She said local voters will be asked to return to the polls Nov. 30 for a runoff election to decide seats on the state Supreme Court and Appeals Court.

Early voting will be held Nov. 22-24 for the runoff, the sixth election of the year.

While her first year as the county’s elections supervisor may have kept her busy, Luth remained optimistic.

“Fortunately, I have a great team and they are all good at doing their jobs and working, so they make my job a whole lot easier,” she said.

“It’s been enjoyable and it’s been an experience, but we’ve made it this far and we’re going to make it through the whole entire year.”