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Write-ins didn't count, but reflected in results
Donald Duck not valid candidate
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Forsyth County News

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck grabbed the confidence of some Forsyth County voters during Tuesday’s primary.

The Disney cartoon characters’ chance of earning a local judgeship, however, is about as good as them jumping off the silver screen.

As many election observers likely noticed, the write-in option on nonpartisan races attracted a few dozen votes. But according to Barbara Luth, elections supervisor, none of them officially counted.

“They’ll write in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, themselves. They’ll even write their own names in,” Luth said of voters.

“They think they’re better than the candidates and that’s OK. It’s just that we don’t count anything but certified write-ins, and there were [none] for that election.”

While those votes don’t officially count, the numbers still show up on the unofficial election results.

Three county judges running unopposed failed to capture a few votes to some unknown write-in options, which Luth said is not unusual.

Superior Court Judge David Dickinson received 23,304 votes, but 71 people opted for a write-in.

State Court judges Russell McClelland and Philip Smith, both running unopposed, had 73 and 61 votes, respectively, cast for write-in candidates.

The process to become a certified write-in requires a person to register, put an ad in the paper and notify the elections office, Luth said.