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400 health: Chiropractor and his team lauded for contributions to scientific community
Better Health by Design
Better Health by Design was founded in 2006. - photo by Ben Hendren

This article appears in the October issue of  400 Life.

For many, spinal correction seems arduous and unattainable. But one group of dedicated chiropractors are proving that spinal correction and health are within your reach. 

“We use systems and protocols that have been proven successful in the highest levels of scientific research,” says Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk, owner of Better Health by Design

Passionate about improving the quality of life for their patients and creating a healthier community, Dr. Fedorchuk and his team work diligently correcting unhealthy spinal alignment and posture, a huge contributor to various health conditions and surgeries.

Better Health by Design was founded in 2006 with humble beginnings occupying a much smaller space. After 17 years of patient-centered care and ever-increasing success, the practice has grown by leaps and bounds. 

“We have always reinvested in the practice for our patients to improve the quality of care we provide for them,” says Dr. Fedorchuk. 

The practice sees many patients, most of whom reside in Forsyth County. But their success and influence have brought those in need of spinal care from around the country and world. Additionally, the Better Health by Design team has published dozens of peer-reviewed research articles in high-quality journals through a non-profit research institute they founded, the Institute for Spinal Health and Performance. The dedication and professionalism of Drs. Fedorchuk, Doug Lightstone and Nikki Hirshowitz establish them as a world-class practice. 

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Better Health by Design
Drs. Curtis Fedorchuk, left, and Doug Lightstone have made significant findings through contributions to numerous scientific studies that influence the quality of chiropractic services everywhere. - photo by Ben Hendren

The interior of the practice has an open floor plan, with walkable room and various equipment. There are exam rooms, a room for massage therapy, and a suite furnished with digital X-ray and digital motion X-ray which takes videos of the spine in motion.

“If you notice, our practice is organized as an open space with highly advanced equipment. We focus on creating an uplifting environment while providing the best chiropractic spinal corrective care available,” he said. 

The space is bustling with people of all ages, who are eager and happy to be getting care. Dr. Fedorchuk and his team take pride in the technology that aids the practice and allows for them to provide high-quality, individualized care to their patients.

“In here, we have all the equipment we could possibly need to handle even the most difficult of cases,” he said. 

Dr. Fedorchuk and his team use special software to compare patient X-rays to established, ideal normal values in order to determine precisely the best approach to care. All of the tools used at Better Health by Design are state-of-the-art.

Ever since the clinic opened in 2006, Dr. Fedorchuk and his team have worked to reach the corners of the community that need them the most, expanding in the process. 

Three months ago, Better Health by Design moved to its current location into the newly built, Better Health Building at 460 Brannon Road. The practice specializes in spinal correction and rehabilitation, pediatric and maternity care, and wellness care helping patients with neck pain, back pain, disc problems, scoliosis, spinal decompression, whiplash trauma, sports injuries and more.

And through contributions to numerous scientific studies, Dr. Fedorchuk and his team have made significant findings that influence of the quality of chiropractic services everywhere. In addition to teaching continuing education year after year for other chiropractors, even as far as Puerto Rico, he and his team are scheduled to attend meetings with the scientific community at various conferences throughout the year to present innovations in the fields of chiropractic, radiology and spinal health. 

Dr. Fedorchuk and his team’s list of published research is extensive earning them six Researcher of the Year titles from three separate awarding entities. 

They have conducted clinical studies and research projects with chiropractic research foundations and Emory University. Dr. Fedorchuk and his team are also responsible for putting together the first-ever chiropractic epidemiology study of spinal alignment in the history of the profession and one of the largest studies on the quality of life of people under chiropractic care. 

For Dr. Fedorchuk, his passion for helping others has been rooted within him from a young age.  

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was 10 years old. I’m living my dream being able to help people for a living,” he said. 

The mission of Better Health by Design is as clear as it could get: “Our No. 1 mission is to help people reach a new, improved level of health and living.”

Story by Diya Mohan for 400 Life.

Better Health by Design
Dr. Nikki Hirshowitz stands in front of a wall with framed pictures of her former and current patients. Dr. Hirshowitz specializes in pediatric and maternity care. - photo by Ben Hendren