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Boutique owners feel blessed to help others
Blessed Moments

About this article

This article was originally published in the Sept/Oct 2015 issue of M: North Atlanta magazine, previously Moments, a publication of the Forsyth County News. To read the entire magazine, click here.

The Blessed Boutique on James Burgess Road is not a typical shop that sells ladies apparel.

Owners Cathy Egan and Teresa Godwin, who opened the boutique two years ago, are on a mission.

“We truly want to bless the community,” Egan said. “We feel our lives are so blessed and we want to serve others, especially those who have experienced a tragedy or hardship in their lives.”

To do so, Egan and Godwin donate a portion of every purchase at their store to a local charity or family who has experienced a loss or hardship of some sort. In addition, the owners allow customers to choose where they want the donation to go.

Often, the charity is in honor of a child who has lost his/her life due to an accident, drug overdose or suicide.

Egan and her husband, Mike, have six children ages 8 to 20, so she understandably has a soft spot for kids, particularly those with special needs. Their son Liam, a sophomore at Lambert High School, has Down syndrome.

“Liam is so incredibly funny, loveable and strong,” she said. “He is very independent and is truly a blessing to us and to everybody who knows him. He has taught us so much and has helped us all realize what is important.”

Godwin and her husband Jeff have three children, ages 17, 18 and 21. Before the boutique, she spent 21 years traveling frequently for her job. Running Blessed Boutique has been a change of pace from her previous work life.

“Compared to working in the corporate world, this is completely different,” Godwin said. “I love that I get to just be myself every day. I am so much more relaxed. Working here just gives me this spirit of what I am about.”

Indeed, the atmosphere in the Blessed Boutique is both tranquil and inviting. Music plays softly and aromatic candles fill the air with pleasant scents.

The size of the shop is deceptive, as it’s much larger on the inside than it appears from the parking lot. There is also so much more than ladies apparel. Jewelry, accessories, baby items, home décor, even super soft, luxurious sheets are available.

“We really try to have an interesting assortment of things you might not find anywhere else,” Egan said. “We also try to support as many local vendors as possible.”

Again, Blessed Boutique is all about helping the community. Many items are unique, and the vendors are also on a mission to help others.

One vendor, Brooke and Blake, makes beautiful and unusual jewelry. The owners hope to start a nonprofit of their own someday that will teach women how to start their own jewelry making business.

“We love to support vendors who have a higher calling and mission within their business,” Egan explained.

Blessed Boutique’s customers are loyal shoppers. Karen Chapple, a Forsyth County resident and mother of two daughters, said she loves that it has items not found in department stores.

“I went to a party once wearing an outfit I got here, and all night women kept asking where I got it and some were even placing orders with me,” she said. “I also love the fact that when you purchase something, you are supporting local charities and causes. It makes you feel good about your purchase, like you are helping someone.”

The comradery of Egan and Godwin is obvious.

“We love that we get to do what we love and at the same time, in a small way, can help others in our community,” Egan said. “We hope when people are here, they feel a true sense of community and even the presence of God.”