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Brothers indicted in worksite stabbing attempt
Elvin Edgardo Valera Avila
According to information from the Cumming Police Department and the Forsyth County Jail, brothers Nahum Francisco Valera Avila, 33, and Elvin Edgardo Valera Avila, 25, were arrested on Wednesday, July 27, and charged with felony aggravated assault with a knife or cutting instrument.

Two brothers were recently indicted on counts of aggravated assault tied to an alleged attempted stabbing.

Brothers Elvin Varela-Avila and Nahum Varela-Avila were indicted in September on one count each of aggravated assault with a knife. Their case will be heard by Forsyth County Superior Court Judge Philip C. Smith. 

According to a Cumming Police Department incident report, the brothers were arrested and charged in August after officers responded to a call at an apartment construction site on Meadow Drive following a dispute.

The caller, a construction employee, said two other employees, later identified as the brothers, threatened him with a knife and reportedly threatened to kill him. 

“[The victim] said he told one of the brothers to be careful, and the other brother pulled a knife on him,” the report said. “[The victim] said this was not the first time this happened.”

The victim reportedly told police Nahum had pulled a knife and his brother put a putty knife to the victim’s neck. The officer reported he did not observe any injuries on the victim, who said he wanted to press charges.

The officers on the scene also spoke with the brother.

“Nahum began saying that the incident was an argument. Nahum said every day [the victim] tells him how his work is no good. Nahum was asked if he pulled out a knife, and he said he did not,” the report said.

“It was determined Nahum pulled his pocketknife and said, ‘I will cut you,’” the report said. “Then Elvin came up to [the victim] and put a putty knife up to [the victim]. [The victim] said Elvin told him that he was going to cut his guts out. Employees attempted to separate all the parties. [The victim] was in fear he was going to be cut by the brothers and that is why he called 911.”