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Gainesville Police: Ten in custody in connection to drug operation that earned traffickers $1.4 million per year
drug trafficking operation
Ten people are in custody in connection to a Hall County drug trafficking operation that police say earned traffickers $1.4 million per year.

Ten of 20 suspected drug traffickers are in custody in connection to a home off Black Drive, where customers purchased drugs every day about every hour and those heading the operation made an estimated $1.4 million per year, Hall County and Gainesville law enforcement officials say.

Those in custody include:

1. Kavarus Lashaund Brown, 39, of Gainesville

2. Quincy Tyrone Buffington, 43, of Gainesville

3. Marquez Sanchez Cantrell, 33, of Gainesville 

4. Roger Eugene Cantrell, 52, of Gainesville 

5. Hyziher Consuela Glenn, 41, of Gainesville

6. Nikki Yashica Glenn, 46, of Gainesville 

7. Peyton Renia Hood, 39, of Gainesville – already in custody at Gwinnett County Jail

8. Vinson Edward Rucker, 42, of Gainesville

9. Antwane Sintell Thurmond, 39, of Gainesville 

10. Vanessa Diane Thompson, 53, of Gainesville

Police are actively searching for the remaining suspects in the investigation dubbed "Operation Long Time Coming."

Check back for updates.

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