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Man indicted after allegedly found with airport police vehicle from Detroit
Cruelty to children, sex trafficking among other indictments
Police lights

The Forsyth County Superior Court has indicted a man on five charges after he was allegedly in possession of a vehicle belonging to a Detroit-area airport police department.  

In July, Abdul Hakeem was indicted on charges of theft by receiving stolen property, falsification of identification number, giving false information to a law enforcement officer, identity fraud and forgery in the first degree after he reportedly possessed “a Cadillac XTS, the property of Wayne County Airport Police Department… which he knew or should have known was stolen.”  

In addition to possessing the vehicle, Hakeem reportedly falsified an identification number on the vehicle, used “ the fictitious name of Lansana Sylla” when giving information to police and for bonding paperwork and used the name, date of birth and identification of Sylla, “a deceased individual,” according to the report.  

The vehicle is reportedly missing from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Michigan’s busiest airport.  

The airport is located about 550 miles from Forsyth County.  

An attorney for Hakeem declined to comment on the case.  

Two charged for cruelty to children  

Two have been indicted by the Forsyth County Superior Court on nine counts related to cruelty to children.  

Justin and Luisa Jonker were indicted in June on counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, four counts of aggravated battery-family violence, three counts of cruelty to children in the second degree and battery-family violence.   

Per the indictment, the counts relate to cruelty of two children in August and September 2017.  

For one child, the pair allegedly caused “cruel and excessive pain by striking said child against an object and shaking said child, causing trauma to the child’s brain” and “rendering useless said person’s brain,” rib and leg, and no medical attention was reportedly sought for the rib or leg injuries.  

The other child reportedly also received a rib injury, which caused “cruel and excessive pain by failing to seek medical attention for a rib fracture, the indictment said.  

An attorney for Justin Jonker declined to comment and an attorney for Luisa Jonker could not be reached for comment.   

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One indicted for attempted sex trafficking of minor  

A man has been indicted on several counts after he allegedly attempted to sex traffic a minor.  

Lino Garcia De La Cruz was indicted in June on counts of criminal attempt to commit trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, criminal attempt to commit statutory rape and computer pornography.  

Per the indictment, he reportedly drove “to Forsyth County for the purpose of having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old child, an act which constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of said crime” and reportedly offered money “to induce her to engage in sexual intercourse.”   

The computer pornography indictment came after he reportedly used a cell phone “to tape, to solicit, lure and entice” the victim.  

According to the indictment, Garcia was chatting with a law enforcement officer throughout the crime.  

An attorney for Garcia could not be reached for comment.   

Woman indicted for striking victim with vehicle, DUI  

Amanda Evelyn Calabrese-Barchard was indicted on counts of aggravated assault, criminal damage to property in the second degree, cruelty to children in the third degree, driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane after she allegedly driving a vehicle over a victim and being “under the influence of alcohol to the extent that it was less safe for her to drive.   

In addition to running over the victim, the indictment said Calabrese-Barchard reportedly caused damage to a television, door and mirror of the victim with damaging totaling over $500 and the assault was committed in front of a child under 18.  

An attorney for Calabrese-Barchard could not be reached for comment.  

Others indicted in June and July were:  

Nicole Michelle Dispain, who was indicted on counts of family violence aggravated assault, two counts of family violence battery and one count of cruelty to children in the third degree after allegedly using scissors to attach one victim and causing visibly bodily harm to two victims in front of a child under 18.  

Amilcar Che Gopal, who faces four counts of aggravated assault for allegedly using a handgun to “make assault upon” four individuals.   

Christopher Randall Foster, who was indicted for aggravated assault and battery-family violence after reportedly strangling a victim using his hands and causing visible bodily harm.   

Zhan Wei Jiang, who faces one count of sexual battery.  

Lannie Mitchell Boles, who was indicted for aggravated assault-family violence after using his arms to strangle a victim.  

Eric Scott Woods, who faces counts of aggravated battery after reportedly “depriving [the victim] of his orbital bone and maxillary sinus.”  

Kyembe Guane Strong, who was indicted on two counts of forgery in the first degree, identity fraud, theft of services, three counts of executing fictitious checks, two counts of deposit account fraud and violation of Georgia employment security law after allegedly using false information, including banking accounts and social security information not in her name, to rent a home in south Forsyth.