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Forsyth Central senior hopes to be a physician one day
Grace Wilson

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Grace Wilson

Forsyth Central High School

Tell me a little bit about you.

“I am 17 years old and I have lived in Alpharetta my entire life. I attend Forsyth Central High School as an out-of-district student in order to be a part of the STEM Academy in the biotechnology pathway.   

“Tennis is one of the biggest parts of my life. I have been playing tennis for six years. I practice year-round out of James Creek Tennis Center and I play in tournaments year-round. I also have a part-time job at James Creek where I help coach younger children. I have been a co-captain of the girls varsity tennis team at Central since my sophomore year and I have played 1st singles for the team since my freshman year.”

“I am also a trumpet player and have been playing for the past 7 years. I am a part of Central’s Wind Ensemble band. In my free time I like to draw, paint, and crochet.”

What was your favorite subject(s) in high school?  

“My favorite subjects in school were math and science because I love all things STEM. My favorite classes, specifically, were my biotechnology classes because I really enjoyed learning about different biotechnology techniques and biological processes in a hands-on environment. We have done labs involving agarose gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction, RNA interference, and much more. In the future, I hope to participate in undergraduate research and I feel that these classes have given me indispensable exposure to the world of research.”

Were you a part of any clubs?

“This year I founded the Multicultural Student Union (MSU) with my friends. MSU is a discussion based club that provides a safe space for students to talk and learn about different social and cultural issues. My friends and I wanted to share the conversations we had among ourselves about our different cultures with other students.

“My friends and I also founded the Crochet Club this year. Crochet club is a service based group that crochets to benefit different organizations in our community. For example, this year we made over 50 hats for homeless people in Atlanta, over 20 blankets for shelter animals, and we are currently working on making stuffed animals for less fortunate kids in Forsyth County. I love the Crochet Club because it combines two of my favorite things, community service and crocheting!

“I have been an officer in Beta Club for the past two years. As an officer of this service club I have helped create and organize several community service events such as writing letters of appreciation to teachers and healthcare professionals, raising awareness for shaken baby syndrome, and raising money for the American Heart Association.

“I am also an active member of several other clubs at my high school including HOSA Club, Math Honor Society, Math Team, Spanish Honor Society, and National Honor Society.”

Who was your greatest influence and why? Was there more than one?

“My parents are two of my biggest influences. They have always taught me to push myself in everything I do and to be willing to step outside of my comfort zone in order to grow. This is what led me to getting involved in so many activities and what inspires me to push myself to be the best I can be in my academics, athletics, and art.

“My sister, Sarah, is also a huge influence to me. She is a gymnast on the Yale gymnastics team and I have always admired how she is able to balance her demanding school and gymnastics schedule.”

What will you miss most about your school?

“The thing I will miss most about Central is definitely the people. I will miss the close friends that I made through the STEM program and the bonds we developed through late nights of studying together over the phone and hours together in the lab. I will also miss all of my teachers because they always genuinely cared about me and wanted the best for me. From the students, to the teachers, to the administrators, the C-House is truly a family that supports each other.”

What are your plans after high school?

“I will be attending the California Institute of Technology in the fall. I plan to major in bioengineering and will be playing on the women’s tennis team.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I want to be a physician one day, so in 10 years, I hope to have graduated medical school and begun residency, or I hope to be working in a medical research laboratory.”