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This South Forsyth High School senior created a free tutoring service for local students
07282020 Virtual Learning
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Ayush Gundawar struggled with virtual learning when the pandemic first began more than a year ago, and he quickly noticed he wasn’t alone.

“Learning felt less interactive, and I noticed that me and my peers, we all felt like we were a little lost in our learning,” Gundawar said.

The South Forsyth High School senior wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but eventually, he decided to take control of his own education and try to help his peers through the pandemic. 

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Learn Forsyth
Ayush Gundawar talks through a math problem during an online tutoring session.

That was when he created Learn Forsyth, a free tutoring network available to any student in the county.

“I wanted to create something as a solution that could allow students who are in need or feeling a bit lost in their learning to receive free tutoring from students who are doing well or feel a mastery in certain subjects to help them out and tutor them,” Gundawar said.

Now, Learn Forsyth has been operating in the county for the past year, and Gundawar said it has been a success. The program just reached 300 registered students and more than 100 volunteer tutors.

Through the past year, Gundawar said he and the volunteers have also gotten positive feedback from parents and students alike. Some students have shared that their grades are slowly getting better, or they feel more motivated to take part in school.

Many students have shared that they struggled to stay motivated through the pandemic, especially while attending school virtually.

“Now, they’re really empowered to learn, and they see [Learn Forsyth] as a great resource,” Gundawar said.

Seeing the impact the initiative has had on students, Gundawar hopes to keep expanding Learn Forsyth to reach every student in Forsyth County who could benefit from it, giving them an educational resource they can access freely.

He said students from outside of the county have also registered and started receiving tutoring through the program, with most registering from different parts of Georgia and some coming in from California and New Jersey.

It being a local organization, Gundawar said they are focusing efforts on helping Forsyth County’s students.

For more information on how to register for tutoring or become a tutor, visit Learn Forsyth’s website at

Learn Forsyth
An online tutoring session through Learn Forsyth.