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Commissioners hear latest on proposed 450-acre mixed-use development
FCN Forsyth County Administration Building

Plans are coming together for a proposed 450-acre mixed-use development in South Forsyth, and county commissioners are saying the standards used for the project could be applied to other upcoming developments. 

Commissioners heard an update at their Tuesday, Sept. 8 work session on a proposed Davidson-Forsyth Overlay, which would provide standards for 450 acres located between Peachtree Parkway, Westminster Lane and Old Atlanta Road. 

A consulting team from Nelson Worldwide and the property owner are developing the plan, which looked at materials, exterior architectural styles, the look of the development overall, housing, infrastructure and road needs and more.  

Elements were picked that would give a mix of classic, modern and mercantile styles of architecture that would give the development a variety of looks, similar to other mixed-use developments like Halcyon. 

The development will also include several residential styles, including townhomes and single-family detached and attached units. 

“I think it’s moving in the right direction,” said District 2 Commissioner Dennis Brown. “I just think we need to flesh it out and get some more details so it’s in a form that [the county planning department] can actually bring to the planning commission at some point, but I like the way it’s headed with an emphasis on high-quality design and high-quality features in every regard, building a world-class destination, if you will.” 

The project is being planned with six areas, or pods, that would have different uses and standards.  

The property is part of an 800-acre tract used by an existing quarry. The quarry is being reduced to 350 acres, leaving the rest to be developed.   

In January, Forsyth County Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding between the county, SCARF Forsyth Ga, LLC and Midsouth Paving Inc., to move ahead with the planning process for the development.   

Per the document, the proposal is for a “roughly 400-acre development that is intended to be developed with a mix of retail, office, restaurant, entertainment, residential, green space, public safety and educational purposes.” The development would be immediately north of the Forsyth Quarry. 

The project will include a parking deck, interactive parks, trails, smaller pocket parks, playgrounds, walking areas and dog parks, along with residential and commercial areas. 

Both District 1 Commissioner Molly Cooper and District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills said they could envision using the standard as a template for future projects in their area. 

“I’m just happy that I haven’t adopted the Coal Mountain Town Center,” Mills said. “I wish I hadn’t spent a dime on it, and I could have just copied this one totally.”