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How you can give your opinion to local lawmakers
Legislative survey
Forsyth County lawmakers have put together a survey to gauge the public's interest on a variety of topics.

It’s likely that Forsyth County voters have strong personal opinions on mass transit, allowing casino gambling in the state and adding impact fees for schools, and members of Forsyth County’s legislative delegation want to hear them.

Lawmakers representing Forsyth County at the Georgia General Assembly have put together an online survey to gauge interest from local residents about their thoughts on numerous issues facing the state or issues expected to be discussed at the Capitol.

District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones said the delegation has put out the online survey each year since 2017 to get the community’s thoughts on matters that might come up in this year’s legislative session.

“That has been important because we want to see how the electorate is changing in terms of its mood, in terms of what it is prioritizing for our annual session and then also as we’re looking through the nine months after legislative session,” Jones said. “For us, being able to put out the survey allows us to provide our constituents an additional outlet of feedback.”

The survey has multiple choice answers for a variety of topics, such as “Do you support a ‘floating homestead’ for the Forsyth County School Tax to limit the annual increase in school tax for homeowners” and “Do you support expansion of mass transit into Forsyth / North Fulton counties?”

Jones said each year, the survey has two questions that do not change, one asking how strongly the responder agrees or disagrees with a series of statements and one ranking 10 issues from most to least important.

“It’s easy to make everything a high priority, but what we really are trying to get from the survey takers are, ‘Hey, what to you is No. 1 all the way through No. 10,’ and we appreciate the feedback that they give us because we know it takes the longest, but it’s also, frankly, the most important information you get from the survey,” he said.

Health care, the economy, transportation and education are consistently locals’ top four topics, Jones said, but after that, the categories can change year to year.

“Then, there’s always a fifth and sixth that tend to have what I would call a peak and a valley throughout the entire year,” Jones said. “Sometimes that’s immigration, sometimes that opioid usage, sometimes that’s ethics reform. There’s so many things that travel between the fifth and the sixth in terms of priority.”

Results of the survey are expected by the end of the month. The survey can found online at