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Meet the candidates running for the state House District 28 seat
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Republican Brent Cox, left, and Democrat Claudia Wood, right, are running for the District 28 state House seat.

Voters living in northeast Forsyth County will soon decide who will be the next legislator for state House District 28.

Republican Brent Cox and Democrat Claudia Wood are seeking the District 28 seat, which represents northeastern Forsyth County and a portion of Hall County. The seat is new to the area following recent redistricting changes.

Here’s what the candidates had to say about the issues. 


Brent Cox.jpg
Brent Cox

Residence: Forsyth County

Occupation: Business owner

Political Experience: None

Family: Wife, Tonya, with three children and one grandchild 

Claudia Wood.jpg
Claudia Wood

Residence: Forsyth County

Occupation: Early Childhood Education

Political Experience: None

Family: Married to husband, Jim, with three children and six grandchildren.

Q: If elected, what legislation would you like to take on in 2023?

Cox: “Continued improvement on voter integrity, student's first in our schools, securing our community, protecting the innocent - and most importantly - less government.”

Wood: “Voter suppression is happening all over Georgia. Increased accessibility to the electoral process is integral to ensuring that every American can exercise their right to vote. Leagues across the United States work year-round to promote pro-voter reforms that both preserve our existing rights and provide flexibility for casting ballots in order to be inclusive of historically underserved communities. We must continue to fight to expand voter access; many people still face disproportionate challenges to participate in elections due to factors including health, age, race and gender. Our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard, which is why we strongly advocate for measures to make voting more accessible.

“Health care for all is a critical issue facing Georgians. The skyrocketing costs of critical prescription drugs is hurting Georgia families. Allowing the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on the prices seniors are charged for life-saving medication, will ease this moral crisis. I understand that too often Georgians are forced to choose between paying for prescription drugs or putting food on the table and I believe the system that makes such a choice necessary is unconscionable and immoral.”

Q: Education legislation including how schools can teach divisive concepts (House Bill 1084) and the Parents’ Bill of Rights (House Bill 1178) were big topics this year. What are your thoughts on those pieces of legislation?

Cox: “As a parent, high school coach and past teacher, I know and understand firsthand the challenges that students, parents and teachers face. Because every household and every community is different, it would be a disservice to students to use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to education. I'll advocate for conservative values and parents to have more choice/involvement in their children's education. Legislators, parents and teachers must work together to create a better future for our children.”

Wood: “In reference to HB 1084, students have a right to an accurate, honest curriculum of our state and national history, and Georgians overwhelmingly agree that instructional decisions about curriculum should be made by the education experts, not politicians.

“HB 1178 allows parents to burden administrations with endless complaints if they disagree with the curriculum being taught in their schools. At a time where school administrators are struggling to retain educators, this legislature decided to add new burdens and vague procedures with the passage of HB 1084 and HB 1178, with some devastating financial consequences.”

Q: Transportation is commonly one of the biggest issues for local voters. If elected, what steps will you take to improve transportation?

Cox: “Due to unprecedented growth, it is time that our area has a comprehensive, cost-effective plan for the next 10-15 years. This plan must include effective infrastructure projects by Georgia DOT, where our State House Transportation Committee can effectively improve our infrastructure for more economic opportunity. This will result in more jobs to our community without overwhelming our homes. I am committed to working with this committee to better serve state House District 28.”

Wood: “I will work in a bipartisan manner to support the proposed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. As more families and businesses choose to call Forsyth County home, it is necessary to make investments in our roadways and water and sewer infrastructure.”