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Adlen Robinson: Celebrate Romance Awareness Month
Adlen Robinson

Move over February — August is now considered Romance Awareness Month. Who knew?

Many of my female readers might be thinking just how aware they are of the lack of romance in their relationship. The truth is, most men just don’t think about being romantic. Of course there are exceptions, but my informal polling tells me I am right about this.

 Ladies, you have two choices: You can either be mad about this probable fact, or you can be proactive and assist your man with learning how to release his inner romantic self. Here are some ideas to help you begin your quest for more romance in your relationship.


·    Plan a getaway. Nothing sparks romance like a night or two away from home. When you are home, there are always things you “should” be doing. Laundry, cleaning the bathroom, yard work, etc. When you are away from home, you can both relax and just enjoy each other. Try to plan something close by so you are not in the car driving too long,

·    Plan a romantic dinner. When our children were young, I used to put them to bed early (bribes were often involved) and have a romantic dinner in the dining room with Paul. Sometimes I even used our wedding china which was ridiculously formal — why didn’t somebody tell me to pick a casual pattern? If cooking is not your thing, order take-out from your favorite restaurant but still serve it on fancy plates. Don’t forget the candles.

·    Watch a romantic movie or something from when you were dating or newlyweds. We watch “When Harry Met Sally” every Valentine’s Day, but I might just insist we watch it this month too.

·    Write him a love letter telling him all of the things you love and appreciate about him. Using your own words, rather than a store-bought card written by someone else, is so meaningful.

·    Listen to music. If I had to pick one thing that sets the mood, it would be music. We have always been music lovers — long before we met. Music was something we always listened to and still do pretty much every night. We have numerous playlists depending on what mood we are in. Create a playlist of music you both love and listen to it. As soon as the weather cools off, listen to it while sitting outside.

·    Make reservations at your favorite restaurant or try a new one that touts a romantic atmosphere.

·    Have cocktails at a place that has live music — preferably a piano bar or something similar.

·    Book a hotel room in Atlanta and enjoy a night on the town.

·    Go see a play or musical.

·    Get tickets for a concert to see his favorite band or artist.

·    Head up to the north Georgia mountains and go on a hike. Pack a cooler with sandwiches and a bottle of wine.

·    Visit one of the winery’s in north Georgia — of course the fall might be a better time, but go ahead and research and make plans.

·    Surprise your spouse at work and take him/her out to lunch.

·    Rent a boat at Lake Lanier and bring a picnic lunch. Enjoy the lake before winter comes along. Since school is in session, you won’t believe how less crowded it is.


Whatever you decide to plan to spark up the romance in your relationship, just remember when you plan things, your spouse is quite likely to reciprocate.

Happy romancing in August!