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Adlen Robinson: Renovation at Sharon Forks Library is beautiful
Adlen Robinson

Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved libraries. Of course, I loved books and still have many books my mother read to me when I was growing up. Many are the same books I read to our four children when they were growing up.

Do you remember “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak?  Oh, how I loved that magical book — the illustrations, also by Sendak, were amazing. My mother read that to me and I, in turn, read it a million times to our children. I read it using fairly dramatic voices — I did that when I read many books to them, unless I was just too tired which was often the case. 

Some nights I would say, “you can only choose one book.” I used to joke they would go to their bookcase and bring back the Bible. Oh, the book memories I have. 

I also loved the “Frances” series by Russell Hoban. “Bedtime for Frances,” “Bread and Jam for Frances,” “A Bargain for Frances,” and “A Birthday for Frances.” 

I loved all of them and so did our children — especially our daughters. Those illustrations by Garth Williams were the best. 

Our children all loved the Richard Scarry books — I remember reading the “Pig Will and Pig Won’t” story to our rather stubborn and head strong first-born son. Pig Won’t got spanked for his obstinate behavior and I always hoped my emphasis on that part of the story had an impact. 

Of course, all of the Dr. Seuss books were popular with our children as they were with me when I was growing up. I am fairly certain that “Go Dog Go” taught at least two of our children how to read. How many times we read that book, I cannot even begin to count. 

I loved all of the “Frog and Toad” books by Arnold Lobel. I remember buying those books from that book club they had at elementary school. I wonder if they still have those? Our children had something like that as well. It was so exciting to choose a few books from the pamphlet, bring a check from home and then in three or four weeks the books came right to your classroom. 

All of that walk down memory lane to let you all know how libraries, despite the Internet, are alive and well — especially those in our community. 

I used to take our little ones to the library in downtown Cumming and loved it, but was thrilled when Sharon Forks Library opened closer to our home. I ventured to the Post Road Library when it first opened, but of course our children were no longer little ones. What a beautiful library. 

Like all of you, I heard they were going to remodel Sharon Forks Library and visited it often during the process. 

Well, I am here to report the Sharon Forks Library is absolutely gorgeous. It is huge and bright and amazing. The children’s section is incredible. There are meeting rooms, a lot of computers, tables and plenty of comfortable seats everywhere. The staff, as always, is incredibly helpful and friendly. You can tell they love their new atmosphere, and who wouldn’t? 

If you haven’t visited our libraries in a while, you really should. Take your children or grandchildren. Take your spouse. Check out books with subjects you are interested in — the staff will help you find them or will even order from other libraries if need be.

Help foster a love of books and reading in your children or grandchildren — it is truly a love they will have forever. 

South Forsyth resident Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at