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Christmas season is here at last
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Forsyth County News

It’s official. The 2015 Christmas season is here.

Of course, to most of us, it has been here since before Halloween, when stores all but skip Thanksgiving to get things ready for Christmas.

I know many people are bothered by this “commercialization” of Christmas, but I have to admit I love the decorations and pretty much all things Christmas.

I look forward every year to decorating our home for Christmas. When our children were quite young, we had a tradition of getting our tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and then decorating all that weekend.

As our children got older, I noticed we did so earlier and earlier. Now, we get our tree on Tuesday and decorate Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

I don’t decorate the dining room with Christmas decor, which is where we eat Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, there are fall-colored plates and a turkey/pilgrim theme on the buffet.

It is actually sort of funny, since we go from the arguably over-done Christmasy kitchen and family room to the fall-themed dining room.

This year, even my office (across from the dining room) will be decked out for Christmas. I always have a medium sized fake tree in there that displays all of our different Santa ornaments. There is everything from Hawaiian Hula Santa to Mickey Mouse Santa.

This year, I cleared off my entire desk (no small feat) and we arranged the village on every inch of it.

Each year we buy another village accessory to add to the collection. Last year it was so big we had to put it on a fold-out table, which really didn’t look that nice and took up too much room in our family room.

I don’t mind sacrificing my desk for the next month and will happily work in the family room, where I can view our Christmas tree holding all of those ornaments representing the past 25 years, as well as a few trinkets from my own childhood.

Of course, I love cooking during December — for our family, as well as friends. We used to have a pretty big annual Christmas party, but have opted in recent years for several smaller gatherings with just a few close friends.

I must say playing host to a few people for dinner causes me little stress compared to a big party.

I love the sounds of Christmas music and I never tire of listening to the songs the entire season. Hearing the music, seeing our friends and family, taking in the decorations and enjoying a roaring fire all just makes me smile.

I especially love looking at past videos and pictures of our children on Christmas morning.

We always talk about their favorite memories — mainly the girls recount these and the boys just listen — but even they catch themselves at times smiling and laughing.

Paul and I were masterful at hiding gifts, something that is no easy task with four children who were bound and determined to find them.

One year everybody got a new bicycle and they were completely stumped as to how we could have hidden four bikes. Of course, the younger ones had no trouble knowing Santa just used his magic to bring the bikes down the chimney.

Years later, we confessed a neighbor was in on the whole thing and helped hide the stash.

I love watching our collection of Christmas movies, from Will Farrell’s “Elf” to classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol.” As with Christmas music, I never tire of seeing these movies.

Of course, Christmas is different now that we no longer have little ones. And I do miss their squeals of delight and beaming little faces.

I miss their excitement as they experienced all of the magic that is Christmas. Still, I am glad I have the memories, and am thankful for another Christmas season and for all it entails.

For those feeling stressed out because of the Christmas season and all there is to do, take a minute and remember the reason for the season and how those efforts are creating a lifetime of memories for loved ones. Let the memory making begin.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at