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Dismayed at what people do in their cars
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Forsyth County News

We were recently driving in west Forsyth, where it really felt like we were deep in the country.

Everything was so lush and green. There were many farms and it was just a beautiful rural setting. Horses were grazing, a cute donkey was trying to fit in with the horses, and cows were happily lounging on the grass.

It always amazes me that so close to the hustle and bustle of our county, you can drive just a few miles and still find scenes like this.

The lovely drive, however, was a bit marred when I saw plastic garbage bags every 25 feet or so and the numerous men who must have been doing community service as they walked along picking up trash.

How can people still be littering?

It always shocks me when I see trash alongside of our roads and highways. Who is driving along and thinks, “Well, I just finished my drink, guess I will roll down my window and toss it outside.” Who does that?

Everywhere you stop has a garbage can out front or, gasp, maybe you can throw it away when you get home? Unbelievable.

That thought led me to other baffling things when it comes to people and their cars.

Texting while driving. I know I have ranted about this before, but it has gotten so much worse,

I mainly notice it when Paul is driving. Because I’m not concentrating on driving, I can notice the many motorists (of all ages) who are looking at their phones.

I used to think the main group of people who did this were young people, but that is simply not the case.

I’m sure there are more young people who look at their phones, but I have seen plenty of middle-aged people doing it as well.

This is so dangerous and, in my mind, totally unnecessary. I mean, really. What is so important that you have to see it right while you’re driving around in what essentially could be seen as a deadly weapon?

If you’re guilty of this, please stop. And parents, even though I know we all feel like our driving-age children don’t listen to us, at least reiterate to them not to text and drive.

As for other things I can’t believe people do in their car, why are people still drinking and driving? Really?

 There are so many services such as Uber, there is just no reason to be so stupid and get behind the wheel after drinking.

In addition, if you know you’re going to be drinking, plan ahead. And don’t even get me started on the wealthy celebrities and sports stars who get arrested for DUIs, often multiple times. How stupid they didn’t have a driver.

Why don’t people know the laws when it comes to driving? Specifically, people don’t understand that if a light is red, and they are going to turn right, you still have to stop.

We see people do this all of the time right near our house. We have to make a U-turn, but usually have to wait, because the people coming toward us do that thing where they don’t stop at the red light, not expecting anybody to be making a U-turn there.

If you honk at them, they don’t seem to know they’re doing anything wrong and often make a certain hand gesture and act like we are in the wrong.

Very annoying.

I also have noticed that many women put their makeup on in the car. That would be OK if you weren’t driving. That is just crazy. I would totally lose an eye if I tried to put mascara on while driving.

All in all, we have always told our children to drive as if everybody is a terrible driver. Don’t trust them to use a signal and that means they could go left, right, or stop randomly.

They will pull out in front of you, even when you are driving on a major highway.

People also drive too fast. No wonder there are so many accidents every day. Everybody needs to slow down and pay attention and, most importantly, put those cell phones on silent and out of sight.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at