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In the Kitchen: Try these desserts for Thanksgiving

Even after a big turkey day dinner, most of still have room for dessert. In fact, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without one or two sweet treats.

Since I don’t make dessert often, I always want to get creative with the final course of the meal. 

My people, however, tend to prefer all things traditional. And really, who doesn’t love a good apple pie and pumpkin pie? 

The chocolate chip cookie pie is always a favorite with children — don’t forget the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for toppings. Enjoy!

 While you can use store-bought pie crust, homemade is so much better. Many cooks use vegetable shortening, but I much prefer real butter. 

If you have a food processor, the pie dough comes together in minutes — I promise it is foolproof.

 You can easily make it a day or two ahead and just keep it tightly wrapped in the refrigerator until you are ready to roll it out and bake the pie. I usually make it in the morning on Thanksgiving Day and just let it stay at room temperature, or warm it slightly in the oven before serving. You can use different apples, but my favorite to use are Granny Smith apples.


Apple pie

Pie dough:

2 ½ cups flour

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons sugar

1 ¼ cup butter, cubed

1/2 cup ice water



2 ¼ pounds Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and sliced

1 lemon, juiced

2 tablespoons flour

3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons butter, cut up

1 tablespoon milk

Pinch of sugar


For dough, place flour, salt and sugar in a food processor bowl. Pulse. Add cubed butter and pulse until mixture resembles crumbs. With machine running, add ice water a little at a time until dough comes together. 

Remove from food processor and divide in half and wrap each half tightly in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least two hours or make the day before.

For filling, in a large bowl, toss apple slices with lemon juice. Sprinkle apple slices with flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar, stirring to combine.

When ready to bake pie, roll out pie dough, fitting one half into pie dish. Add apple mixture and dot with butter. Top pie with the second dough half and cut to vent.

Brush with a little bit of milk and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar.

 •    •    •

Chocolate chip cookie pie


1 cup flour

7 tablespoons butter

1/4 cup sugar

Pinch of salt

1 egg yolk

1-2 tablespoons ice water


2 eggs

1/4 cup flour

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup brown sugar

8 tablespoons butter, cubed

3 ounces chocolate chips

2 ounces white chocolate chips


In food processor, pulse flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. Add butter and egg yolk and pulse to combine. With machine running, add ice water, 1 tablespoon at a time until dough comes together. 

Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. 

Sprinkle surface with flour and roll out dough. Put dough in tart pan and prick the bottom all over with fork. 

Cover with aluminum foil and add dried beans or pie weights. Bake in preheated 350-degree oven for 20 minutes. Remove aluminum foil and beans. Continue baking another 5 minutes. Remove from oven and reduce heat to 325 degrees. 

Using an electric mixer, beat eggs for 2-3 minutes. Add flour and sugars, beating well to combine. Add butter and continue mixing until combined. Put chocolate and white chocolate chips in the bottom of the tart pan on top of dough. Add cookie batter and bake until set, about 50-55 minutes.

 •    •     •

Classic pumpkin pie


1 ¼ cups flour

2 teaspoons sugar

Pinch salt

1/2 cup butter, cubed

1 egg

2-3 tablespoons ice water



One 15 ounce can unsweetened pumpkin

3/4 cup brown sugar

3 eggs

1 ¼ cups half and half

1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon allspice

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


For dough, in food processor, pulse together flour, sugar and salt. Add butter and pulse until resembles crumbs. Add egg and pulse. With machine running, add ice water a little bit at a time until dough comes together. 

Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerator for 30 minutes. Roll out dough and place in pie plate. Line with aluminum foil and dried beans or pie weights. Bake in a preheated 400-degree oven for 20 minutes.

Remove dried beans and foil and continue baking another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, Stir together unsweetened pumpkin, brown sugar, eggs, half and half, cinnamon, salt, ginger, allspice and nutmeg until combined. Pour into par baked pie shell. 

Reduce oven heat to 350 degrees. Bake until set, about 50-60 minutes. Cool on rack and serve at room temperature. 

South Forsyth resident Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” Email her at