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Month calls attention to adoption, fostering
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Forsyth County News

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month?

I have written about numerous foster parents over the years, and many have gone on to officially adopt children they fostered.

Recently, I spoke with a young woman who has a particularly poignant story. Kim Nurmi is a Forsyth County resident who was a teacher for 14 years, eight of those in Cumming.

When she and her husband, Gabe, decided to start a family, she had no trouble getting pregnant and giving birth to their first child, a daughter, who is now 10.

Things seemed to be moving along perfectly until the couple decided to have another baby. Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby full term, and the Nurmis soon found they were in that category.

“I ended up losing three babies to miscarriages and it was devastating each time,” Kim told me. “If you have never experienced such a loss, it is difficult to understand, and words really cannot describe how terrible it is.”

As Kim struggled to make sense of her situation, she continued to pray for guidance and wisdom. She knew a woman who had lost her own baby at full term and found herself seeking advice and solace from the woman as to how she could cope with her own loss and sadness.

“She told me that fostering babies and children helped her heal with her loss,” Kim remembered. “When I longed for a baby, I used to see moms with their babies and I would think, ‘I just wish I could borrow a baby right now.’ I thought that perhaps fostering was the answer for me at that time.”

After much prayer and consideration, Kim and her husband began the long process of being approved as a foster family.

“At the time, we just thought we would foster children and if it was God’s will,” she said. “Perhaps one day we would end up adopting.”

After completing the lengthy paperwork, classes and four-hour home inspection, the Nurmis were told it likely would be another few months before they received the OK and could then wait to take in their first foster child.

The night of their completed home inspection, the couple attended their monthly small group meeting at the home of one of their Mountain Lake Church friends. None of the group knew about the couple’s desire to be foster parents and were surprised when they shared their news.

“We asked them to pray for us and they all did,” Kim said.

The very next day the Nurmis received a call from the social worker who did their home inspection and was going to be writing up the 20-page report, estimated to take several weeks.

“She told us [the Department of Family and Children Services] had asked her to stop everything and complete the paper as soon as possible because they had two sibling foster children for us,” Kim said.

The children were a 29-month-old girl and her 7-month-old brother, who had been dropped off the night before at DFACS with a diaper bag and not much else.

Kim said she felt God was answering their prayers. She sprung into action to prepare for the foster children.

“That weekend, my daughter and I painted the nursery and got ready for the children,” she said. “It all seemed pretty surreal.”

The next week, in April 2010, Kim picked up the toddler and infant and the Nurmis welcomed the children into their home and their hearts.

Kim said caring for the children was not easy, but it was rewarding and worth every minute of fatigue and sleepless nights.

“Only God could orchestrate something so perfect. We fell in love with them immediately and knew we wanted them to be a permanent part of our lives.”

The road to adoption was a long one. There were many ups and downs. But it was a journey Kim said felt like God’s plan all along. It was almost three years before the adoption was finalized and the Nurmis knew the children were really theirs.

Prior to that, Kim and husband Gabe learned another important thing about their situation — Kim was pregnant.

“You often hear stories like that,” she said. “As soon as you are about to adopt, maybe thinking you cannot have a biological child, you get pregnant. That turned out to be me.”

The couple welcomed their baby girl into the world in November 2012. A few months later, with the adoption finalized, began their life with four precious children.

“When people ask me about fostering and adopting, my advice and answer to them is simple — pray,” she said. “God truly knows what is best for every situation.”

Such a sweet and inspiring story. Thank you Kim for sharing! Please remember there are many children in our community who need a loving home, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at