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The kids are grown, but Easter still special
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Forsyth County News

Though I no longer have little ones running around or begging me to hold them, I still find myself adhering to traditions we had while raising our children.

At this time of year, that means I get out our relatively small box of Easter decorations and set out the various ceramic bunnies and chicks around the house.

Easter was always a special holiday in our family. Our two daughters loved picking out a special outfit to wear on Easter morning.

I loved when they were really young and I could put them in matching dresses.

Our two sons didn’t care at all about getting dressed up. But oh how cute they looked in their church clothes.

About a week before Easter, we dyed hard boiled eggs. That was always a fun and messy activity that we all loved.

I have to chuckle when I think back to that first year nobody asked (or cared) about dying eggs. I was so depressed, I dyed eggs by myself.

I felt pretty silly sitting at the kitchen table dying eggs alone. I didn’t do that again, but I never stopped getting out the Easter decorations. 

On Easter morning they all four would come running downstairs and into the kitchen, where the Easter bunny had carefully placed their baskets filled with various treats.

The bunny also left instructions for the indoor Easter egg hunt, or where they should go look for eggs.

Our clever bunny knew that due to their various ages, it would only be “fair” to have younger children hunt for eggs in certain rooms where the eggs might be easier to find.

After a fun egg hunt, everybody ate a quick breakfast and hurried to get ready for church.

Getting yourself and four young children ready for church is a colossal task in and of itself, but even more so after they have all been eating chocolate bunnies and jelly beans for an hour.

Our church had a beautiful, huge wooden cross outside and all of the children would attach fresh flowers to the cross, resulting in a beautiful flower covered cross. It was perfect for adorable Easter photos of dressed-up children.

After church, we went to my parents’ home for a big lunch and, surprise, another Easter Egg hunt with all of the cousins. Those were some crazy years with 11 young children running around the yard looking for plastic eggs filled with candy.

It makes me smile just thinking about their excited little faces. Just like Halloween, I had to corral all of that candy and ration it out.

And, of course, as with Halloween, that task got harder as they grew older.

After lunch and the egg hunt, we returned home to start cooking a feast for dinner. Usually baked ham was on the menu, but occasionally Paul would smoke something on the smoker.

For such a special day, I even dusted off the china and we ate dinner in the dining room, candles and all.

Easter is such a special day. It always fills me with joy and signifies hope and all things eternal. Happy Easter!


South Forsyth resident Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at