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Column: Instead of resolutions, here's my wish list for 2020
Photo by Nabeel Syed from Unsplash

Do you make resolutions for the new year?  

I did one time many years ago, but found I either forgot them or they were entirely too difficult to complete. You know, one of those resolutions about losing weight, getting organized, quitting a habit or just ridding your house of junk.

Resolutions are hard to fulfill so I decided to make a wish list and I began with new rules for getting a driver’s license. The first rule would be you had to first learn that a red light means stop and a green light means go. 

The next rule would be to understand that crossing a yellow line to get into a turning lane is against the law. This action can cause an instant wreck with drivers complying with the “don’t cross a yellow line rule.”

These just came to mind this week as drivers in and around the county tried to complete work, shopping and various tasks while zipping around town.

Another idea would be that new technology needs to be invented that causes cellphones to malfunction if held in the hand while the motor is running. There could be another solution that the cellphone would burn drivers’ hands, ears or mouth if they answer it while driving. 

We have become so addicted to instant communication that driving a car with cellphones in hand is the main cause of wrecks these days. The latest and greatest addition to automobile technology is the addition of talking to the vehicle itself and that still fascinates me.

If I am going to make a wish list, it would be that no one is allowed out in public if they cannot be kind and polite. 

This week, I watched as several people were rude and obnoxious to store clerks. The cashiers trying to be as efficient as possible to the overcrowded lines were harassed and intimidated by the rude behavior of individuals.

I am not sure what is going on in our society these days that would cause people to break every rule of polite behavior. Not only did employees work long hours and long days to hold their jobs, but they were deprived of the time with their own families because store hours were increased to accommodate the late shoppers.

If we are going to continue to make a wish list, I would add that parents control the behavior of their children in stores. 

Children running in aisles threatening to trip shoppers or screaming at the top of their lungs because they are not getting their way is getting out of control. What is even worse is that parents ignore their actions and store clerks and managers fear reprisal if they speak against unruly children.

Now that I have made my wish list, I remember an incident when I was surprised by the actions of adults. One cashier kept her cool as a lady made hateful remarks to her and slammed down her intended items on the counter and stormed out of the store. It was embarrassing to all the other people in the line. 

My next wish would be that people learn good manners and practice them daily.

Julianne Boling’s column appears each Sunday in the Forsyth County News. She is the author of “Live, Laugh, Learn: The L’s have it.”