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Ashway: Annual Ode to College Football
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Forsyth County News

The marching band at last we hear;

That old fight song from yesteryear!

Now with full voice the faithful cheer:

College football’s finally here!

Tech’s coming off a banner year,

Yet coach Paul Johnson’s filled with fear.

August heard his sarcastic best

Deflating egos with his jest.

John Thomas leads Tech’s attack;

The perfect option quarterback.

Tech’s offense knows it must, somehow,

Score more than its D will allow.

Now optimism reigns supreme

As Bulldog Faithful view their dream.

Mark Richt’s a fine man, all agree,

But now, a title fans must see.

A vet line blocks for ace Nick Chubb.

But quarterback?  Aye, there’s the rub.

Coach Pruitt has good things in store.

Might see the Junkyard Dogs of yore.

Missouri get no credit, true,

For East Division titles—two!

They could make an East three-peat:

Truly an amazing feat.

Now many say the Vols are back.

Coach Butch Jones--he’s no hack.

We’ll see what his third crew can do

When Sooners visit in week two.

Has the Head Ball Coach lost his grip?

Those six games lost was quite a slip.

The Independence Bowl they won;

A game of which he once made fun.

A new coach wades into the Swamp.

Will Jim Mac make the Gators chomp?

MacElwain gets the offense right;

For Gator fans, a long-lost sight.

Mark Stoops’ Wildcats?  Still in a swoon.

But basketball is starting soon!

And Derek Mason seeks a way

To teach his Vandy lads to play.

Poor Bama’s had a bumpy ride.

Two Sugar Bowls sure hurt their pride.

The Tide still seeks a perfect year,

But foes no longer show them fear.

Yes, Auburn’s talking big, you know:

A defense to go with that “O!”

For Tigers to go all the way,

Will Muschamp’s “D” must learn to play.

Those other Dogs surprised us all

When they were Number One last fall.

Before you say they won’t be back,

Please don’t forget-- they still have Dak.

Of LSU, this much is true:

A quarterback must lead them through.

Leonard Fournette can run the ball,

But not if they can’t throw at all.

We think Ole Miss is sure to please

In Reb’s fourth year with coach Hugh Freeze.

They reach the conference title game?

Then Oxford might adopt his name.

Florida State has talent, true.

But will all their young guys come through?

Though they will have some holes to fix,

They should be in the title mix.

Deshaun Watson!  Now he’s the man.

If he can do it, Clemson can!

Their schedule could present a wreck:

There’s Notre Dame, then Georgia Tech.

Is Urban Meyer having fun?

His Buckeyes still rank Number One.

No matter which QB they play

Opponents may just kneel and pray.

What’s Cookin’ up at Michigan State?

Their quarterback does really rate.

Behind a line that’s full of pep;

Can Sparty take that next big step?

Ann Arbor scene?  Just plain wacky.

Then arrived the man in khaki.

Jim Harbaugh knows The Victors song.

Wolverines bounce back ere long.

Tim Beckman fired by Illinois

With just a week to go.  Oh, boy!

Perhaps it’s just another ploy

To keep Illini void of joy.

The Fighting Irish could surprise

Despite last year’s sudden demise.

Malik Zaire leads a fine attack

But who can play defensive back?

On offense, TCU’s the boss:

Scored 58 in their only loss!

On their shoulders rests one big chip;

Most think they’ll make a title trip.

Baylor has 18 starters back,

And who can slow the Bears attack?

Mark down their big Black Friday game

When those Horned Frogs they try to tame.

If Southern Cal could win a crown,

Their coach would really party down.

The Trojans might just have the best

Quarterback in all the west.

Their Heisman winner’s gone away,

But Ducks still have guys who can play.

A tough game early tempts their fate:

September 12: Michigan State.

At last, the games!  It’s time to play!

We’ll let nothing get in our way.

And then, when all the playing’s done,

May your team wind up No. 1!