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Tournament coaches have their say
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March Madness?

No, it all makes perfect sense, if you let the coaches explain what happened.

Here now another annual installment of “What he said, and What he meant.” All quotes are taken from the official NCAA postgame press conferences, as transcribed at

Dave Rice, UNLV: “I think any time you don’t shoot the ball well, you have to credit Colorado.”

Translation: We just missed open looks.

Tad Boyle, Colorado: “If you had told me before the game we’d turn it over 23 times and miss 10 free throws, and beat a team as good as UNLV, I would have said you’re crazy.”

Translation: How about our defense? Of course, they missed a lot of open looks.

Scott Drew, Baylor: “Any time you win in the NCAA Tournament, Coach is happy.”

Translation: Well, I’m a tad glad. After all, it was South Dakota State.

Scott Nagy, South Dakota State: “This is the best team we’ve ever played in the history of South Dakota State.”

Translation: We need to get out more.

Dave Rose, BYU: “Marquette was just too good today.

Translation: Jae Crowder had 25 points and 16 rebounds. Zounds!

Tim Miles, Colorado State: “We turned the ball over 14 times in 35 possessions. Just didn’t give ourselves a chance.”

Translation: That’s how you amass 41 points in a Tournament game.

Steve Prohm, Murray State: “What I talked about at halftime, we were not playing the way defensively we had played all season long.”

Translation: We started the second half on an 18-2 run. Please me Knute Rockne.

Jim Calhoun, UConn: “I’m as surprised as anybody. There wasn’t too many ways in which they didn’t beat us tonight.”

Translation: I’m as surprised as anybody. There weren’t too many ways in which they didn’t beat us tonight.

Jimmy Patsos, Loyola (Md.): “Real proud of Loyola University. A couple of years ago our president changed the name from college to university. That’s really important for our school because it helps everything: students, student-athletes, recruiting.”

Translation: Nothing helped us against Ohio State.

Bob Huggins, West Virginia: “They ran good offense. You know, Mark (Few, Gonzaga coach) said to me that’s the best they’ve shot the ball all year. You know, we try to do a good job scouting. You can’t let guys that are gonna drive it right, drive it right. You have to make people uncomfortable. They’ve got skilled guys. You try to take their tendencies away. We didn’t do as good a job. The truth of the matter is it’s kind of a microcosm of our season.

“This is the worst defensive team I’ve ever had in 30 years. We don’t get the help, we don’t get the loose balls. We don’t do the things we’ve done for years and years and years.

“They shoot 56 percent. That’s never happened. You’ve been around. That’s never ever happened. No matter how well somebody played, it never happened. A lot of it is because we’re so inept offensively. They get breakouts. We throw the ball around, throw the ball to them. That adds to it.”

Translation: None needed.

Ed Biedenbach, UNC-Asheville: “I thought we had a cooling off period. There’s not enough time for cooling off for this one. Is there a cooling off period?”

Translation: We proved we could hang with a number one seed when it’s five on five. When it’s five on eight, we’ve got no chance.

Dan Monson, Long Beach State: “You can’t play one half on one end of the floor and one half on the other end and think you’re going to advance in the NCAA Tournament, and, unfortunately, that happened to us tonight.

Translation: Sorry, you’re on your own here.

John Becker, Vermont: “Twenty turnovers is too many against a team like North Carolina.”

Translation: Twenty turnovers is too many against Binghamton.

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke: “We just haven’t been in sync offensively these last couple of weeks, and it showed up again tonight.”

Translation: We missed 20 of 26 threes. Our guards couldn’t fall out of a boat and hit water.

Chris Mack, Xavier: “Well, it’s what the NCAA Tournament’s about. An exciting finish.”

Translation: We beat Notre Dame on a lane violation!

Mike Brey, Notre Dame: “That’s just a tough one for us.”

Translation: We lost to Xavier on a lane violation!

Stan Heath, South Florida: “I just knew there was no way we could—we may not shoot great, but we can’t go 3 for 27 again.”

Translation: Hey, we’re not Duke.           

Rick Barnes, Texas: “We were just inept at the start of the game.”

Translation: We got 19 down to a Cincinnati team that lost 10 games. Inept barely covers it.

Anthony Evans, Norfolk State: “I’m still relatively young, so I made a call to Fang Mitchell from Coppin State, who upset someone in the Tournament, and that’s what he told me: four-minute increments, stay close, and at the end of the game anything can happen. So, I give him a great amount of credit for sharing that information with me.”

Translation: Wonder if Fang has any advice for playing Florida?

John Calipari, Kentucky: “That’s about as good as we can play. I’ve got a good basketball team. I’ve got good players, too. But they’re a good team. They’re efficient. They play defense. They play hard. They are skilled.”

Translation: Call off the rest of the Tournament! Declare us the champions now!