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Hank Sullivan: America, providence or destruction?
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

One obvious truth of social media is that Americans will never again make political decisions without input from others. It is pretty easy to see where most stand on the issues.  It should be easy to see where I stand. I’ve been accused of shilling for President Trump, for wearing a tinfoil hat, for being naïve about Trump’s supposed ulterior motives. I hear Trump is a puppet for the elite, that he is a member of the cabal himself, that everything he does is in seek of even more power and money. Trump is a megalomaniac’s envy. How could I be so blind?

But even the critics would have to agree, Trump is the rainmaker. Where Trump campaigns, it rains Republican votes. As of this writing, the GOP stands to gain vital seats in the U.S. Senate, holding important governorships in swing states such as Florida and Ohio. 

In that same breath, I admit an uneasy feeling going to bed Tuesday night. At that time, it was looking very much like I, along with all the other Republicans in Forsyth County, would soon be represented in the Congress by a socialist. Maybe it’s just me, but my mind just won’t go there.  

An hour later it appeared the socialist uprising would be quelled. But the closeness of the vote should be a wakeup call for 7th District Congressman Rob Woodall, as well as all of those Republicans in Congress who have not fully embraced President Trump. Those who did, did very well. Those who didn’t, did not do as well. I am gratified to see that Forsyth County weighed in to restore sanity in the end. 

The Democratic Party came into Tuesday’s election in danger of extinction. Give them credit, those people fight like grim death approaches. They could have lost viability as a national political party, perhaps for a generation or more, the party’s supporters cluelessly backing candidates who desire permanent overthrow of America and all it stands for.  

So now House Democrats find themselves in an interesting position. In control of the U.S. House, they must now perform. They are going to have to do something, not just resist. Will they impeach Trump, as many have indicated is their plan? We can only hope. Will they begin more House investigations of Trump, wasting the taxpayers’ time? Oh, please do. Will they elect Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker? I dare them. 

I believe in a two-party system. It would be a good thing for the Democratic Party to purge itself of socialist leanings. Perhaps in that respect the moderate Dems who won on Tuesday will help restore some rationality in Congress. Many new elects have sworn that they will not support Pelosi for Speaker. We will see.

But nothing on Trump’s agenda has changed. In many ways his hand is strengthened. He now has a foil in a do-nothing Democratic House. He can play that card each time they resist doing the work of the people. Trump’s order to declassify the incriminating FISA memos now has a clear path forward. The criminals of the past remain criminals of today. There have now amassed more than 63,000 unsealed Federal indictments awaiting opening. The crimes of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and Bill Clinton and others as beneficiaries, are still indictable crimes.

The swamp is still draining, many swamp dwellers having been Republicans, such as Speaker Paul Ryan, who had to be forced out (yes, he was forced), necessarily leaving open seats for Democrats to gain. That’s OK. It was important for those Republicans to go. Some Democrats will wish they had taken the easy way out soon. It is too late now. The storm is still at the door. It is just outside. Expect its wintry winds soon.

And as you read this, America begins to celebrate another Veterans Day weekend. It is hard to think of the sacrifices of our veterans and celebrating them. So instead, let’s honor our veterans, living and deceased, who have stood in the gap to protect the freedom of the American people. 

And as we do, let’s remember why America is worth protecting. Simply put, in 1776 our Founders established a new nation among nations, separate and equal to Great Britain and all others. The principles on which they founded America were God’s laws, those they referred as the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Multiple references within that and other founding documents together certify that when the Founders spoke of God, they spoke of God of the Bible. That fact is undeniable. Theirs was no deist god who simply spun the universe into creation and stood back to watch. Our Founders believed that a nation established to follow God’s laws would be protected by divine Providence. They designed America as an experiment to test whether their theory might be true.  

They defined America with only that authority deriving from God’s laws. That is what the Declaration of Independence is all about, determining whether a nation following God’s laws and thus performing his will would receive the divine Providence. That is the meaning our veterans have served and died for. America is founded on the Biblical laws of God, not any ideological preferences of man.

155 years ago next week, President Abraham Lincoln spoke of a test whether this nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, could long endure. Maybe it’s time we ask that question again. What is it going to be America, Providence or destruction?

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.