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Allowing guns in parks a bad idea
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Forsyth County News

A few years ago, the citizens of Forsyth County voted to borrow $100 million to create and enhance one of the finest parks and recreation complexes in the United States. So far, we are certainly getting our money’s worth. Then we elect members to the legislature and a governor who pass laws for “guns everywhere.”

Predictably, people who are unknown to us show up in our parks displaying guns. Their purpose is unknown, but their effect is intimidating to the families using the park for recreation.

We know that some unsavory people visit our parks by the number of auto break-ins in the parking lots.

What to do? The gunsters would like to think they have taken over our parks. I suggest that we vote carefully in the upcoming elections. If the candidates are pro Second Amendment, they may be OK, but if they are “pro gun,” out they go.

We cannot forfeit the freedom of 200,000 people to accommodate a handful of thugs who want to run us out of our own parks.


Mitchell Easter